eleven months & first dentist visit

This post is only able to exist due to the fact that Ethan found a puff and actually sat for a few seconds to eat it. We are very go! go! go! around here these days. It seems everything about these days shares Ethan's zest for going, going, going as seemingly overnight, he's lost his baby features and has become an official big boy. I've thought this for many months so far, that Ethan is losing his baby look, but it's officially true this month. With only weeks separating Ethan from hitting the one year mark, I'm honestly at a loss for words. (And that doesn't happen often. Trust me.)

Ethan enjoys standing at all possible times, and even when it's not totally possible. He has a desire to stand in the car seat, stand in the grocery cart, stand in his crib when it's three in the morning and he really should be sleeping. He is starting to enjoy pushing toy shopping carts or his push walker across the floor with this incredible speed and recklessness that makes me lose ten years off of my life as he barrels down the hallway. He is consumed by inquisitiveness and a desire to figure out the inner-workings of everything. He's decided that cats are for chasing, cat tails are for yanking and cat food is for eating. He's realized that cat claws are for scratching and so two of the aforementioned things are probably not the best hobbies to have.

He's still a big boy -- weighing in at 26 pounds and proudly wearing 18-24M in most clothing -- and following steadily in his dad's giant footsteps. Sleeping is still his weakest skill, but we're still working on it. He has eight teeth with a ninth about to poke through any day now, just begging to add additional strain on his already weak sleeping habits. He's still comfortable in his size four diapers -- and, yes, he still wears his maxi pad at nighttime! Ethan is completely off purees, a choice he made on his own sometime over the past month. He loves quinoa, amaranth pasta, black beans and peas. Contrary to how he felt about them during the beginning of his introduction to solids, he now adores sweet potatoes -- especially when baked with a drop of olive oil and some fresh black pepper.

While overnight sleeping isn't his favorite, Ethan has somehow become an excellent napper this month. While he's been down to one nap for the past four to five months, he's recently made that one nap a three hour one. Ethan still hates any and all car travel, still thinks his daddy is the funniest person in the world, still has a total crush on Feist and a pretentious love for Neutral Milk Hotel, still loves to make music and have random afternoon dance parties with his mom. We are still having a blast watching him grow and develop and become this big boy where he used to be just a baby. Eleven months has been a harder one for me to accept, as I work on plans for his birthday party and write his one-year pediatrician check-up on our calendar. Eleven months means that we are just so close to one and I'm not sure how that happened.

And in addition to today being Ethan's eleven month "birthday," it was also a special day for another reason: Ethan's very first dental appointment! While cleanings don't begin for another couple of years, it was recommended that Ethan have a dental exam prior to turning one. The visit went great and the dentist commended me on taking excellent (read: neurotic) care of Ethan's gums and teeth so far! Best of all, Ethan was a brave boy and let the dentist take a good look at his teeth. I guess he saves the biting for mommy's chin and daddy's nose. It's more fun that way.


  1. Oh look at you going to the dentist! I have GOT to do this! My mother, the hygienist, is on the verge of yelling st me if I don't get Jack there soon!

    Happy 11 months :)

  2. Dr. Bazos was my dentist :) Ethan is just too cute.

  3. Ethan looks so different from 10 months! What a big boy! Henry barely weights 20lbs at 14 months. He is ridiculously handsome.


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