happy birthday, grandpa + fresh produce clothing

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. After a somewhat ruthless day of running errands in the painful Florida heat, Ethan and I picked out two very special balloons from the grocery store and headed over to my parent's house for the birthday celebration. We ate dinner, sang happy birthday, opened gifts and had my dad's favorite dessert: key lime pie.

It was the low-key birthday celebration my dad wanted and, thankfully, the rest of us didn't spill chicken soup down our shirts and have to spend the evening in our underwear like Ethan! (Happy birthday, daddy! Hope your "5th" birthday was fantastic!)

Yes, I ventured out from behind the camera for a picture. It's a rare feat. That's because despite several trips in and out of the car in the grueling heat, I still managed to look and feel cute in my new Fresh Produce top! The wonderful people over at Fresh Produce sent me this top to wear and there are so many reasons why I love it. Ready for my list?

For starters, I often find that I spend the day wearing t-shirts that I used to consider my pajamas. My husband's old shirts, clothing suitable for my exercise class -- somehow these became acceptable everyday wear now that I have a child of my own and am tending to his every need. I'm tired of being the only one in pictures looking like I just left the gym while everyone else is put together and smiling. Okay, so maybe I don't have countless hours to devote to hair and make-up like I used to, but that doesn't mean I can't look cute!

Recently I went shopping for some cute new clothes. I bought a few tops that made me feel pretty. I wore one the next day to Monkey Joe's with Ethan. I quickly realized why this shirt was a terrible option for days out with Ethan as his tiny fits tugged on the ruffles that opened the entire shirt. Back to oversized t-shirts and tanktops.

Fresh Produce found me at just the perfect (desperate) time. The clothing line was created by a mother who understands that strings and buttons and bells and whistles aren't as realistic as they used to be in days where kids didn't tug and pull on your clothing all day long. They mix cute with functional. There is such a broad range of styles -- from casual tops to dresses to cruise clothing -- that I was almost overwhelmed when peering on the website. It's not everyday you find more than ten items that not just look good on the model, but fit you perfectly. There are so many options that everyone will find a style they love. Their motto is live life, enjoy color and I love that this holds true with the wide array of color options available for their clothing and accessories! There were so many options that it almost felt like I was designing the top myself, picking something that would look nice, fit the way I like and be the same color I felt like wearing! Bright, fresh, fun clothing perfect for every single day? You can't go wrong!

Even better, Fresh Produce now ships to over 200 countries so there is nothing separating you from an outfit that makes you feel bright, fresh and pretty, too!

Visit Fresh Produce online or on Facebook or Twitter!

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