One of my best friends sent me the link to an adorable craft project to do with Ethan while we were housebound. It was to make sheep using simply empty toilet paper rolls, cotton balls and some tissue paper. Not only was it a seemingly simple craft, but the cotton balls and tissue paper were great sensory objects for Ethan to play with. He loved the texture of the cotton balls and the crinkly, crunchy sound he could get the tissue paper to make.

Because I am notoriously skilled in the art of never throwing away empty toilet paper rolls, we were able to excel at this craft and make an entire flock of sheep.

I mean, they ended up looking a little bit more like a fluffy white alien mixed with my beloved guinea pig, Schubert, who I had while growing up. I said I was skilled at never throwing away empty toilet paper rolls, not craft projects. It was a pretty awesome and adorable way to spend an afternoon, and now we have some mighty odd looking sheep to play with.

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