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As a busy mom, I'm guilty of completely abandoning any skin care regimen that I dutifully upheld in the past. Paying attention to proper skincare is important and something I know I need to focus on more as I get older. (Don't laugh -- I've been to the dermatologist more as an adult than when I was a teenager. My skin can be so cruel that way!) Of course, something I also have to focus on is the abundance of toxins and chemicals that infiltrate most big-name cosmetic products and how to weed those out. Who has the time? Made From Earth makes proper skincare easy and keeps their ingredient list safe and free from phthalates, parabens, mineral oils and artificial fragrances. When it comes to Ethan, not a single product touches his skin if I don't recognize each ingredient on the label. It was about time I applied that same rule to my own skin and so when Made From Earth stepped in to provide some natural, organic cosmetics to review, it seemed like the perfect time.

Here's what they sent me:

Needless to say, I have been loving testing these products out over the past couple of weeks. I think I cried actual tears of devastation when I finally ran out of the Rooibos Tea facial scrub. Anyway, I got to try out some great products: vanilla lip balm, pH equilibrant moisturizer, Rooibos Tea facial scrub, pure Aloe Vera skin treatment, rosehip & hibiscus facial serum, holistic honey body lotion, Lavendar calm soap and the vitamin enhancing face firming serum. Each and every one of these items were created by using natural and organic ingredients. I always insist that natural products are just better and this was no different. With skin as sensitive as mine, I tend to stray away from any new products or anything that could send my skin into a pimpled, splotchy tizzy. My skin felt amazing after a couple of weeks on these products -- not a breakout in sight -- and I could both feel and see a difference in my complexion after just a day or two. By using products selected from nature instead of harmful, harsh chemicals, I was able to transform my skin and make it healthier. Here's a rundown on some of my favorite Made from Earth products!

I loved the pH Equilibrant Moisturizer. Loved. I've been wearing this daily after washing my face and before applying my foundation or mineral powder. Normally I stray away from using powder or foundation too frequently as it tends to irritate my skin and cause it to be dry. The pH Equilibrant Moisturizer kept my face soft and vibrant. I loved that this was packed with vitamins and antioxidants and even can help fight blemishes. A little bit also goes a long, long way -- just the tiniest tab on my fingertip is enough to moisturize my entire face!

The Vanilla Lip Balm couldn't have arrived at a better time. We had that freak cold front down here around Halloween and my skin was as unprepared for the cold weather as I was. My lips were cracked and chapped constantly and this did just the trick. With ingredients like organic beeswax, organic vanilla essential oil and organic calendula, this lip balm was natural and gentle enough for me to apply some onto Ethan's little lips before we spent time outdoors. It had just the right amount of shine (see above picture) and didn't gunk up my lips at all.

The Rooibos Tea Facial Scrub is amazing. Rooibos Tea in the form of facial scrub is known to actually fight off viral and bacterial infections -- always a plus! I loved that the exfoliating beads in this scrub were actually jojoba beads. The face scrub also moisturizes as you exfoliate and is full of plant oils and antioxidants. This was so gentle and made my skin just feel as if it was glowing. I know what I'll be asking Santa for this year!

The Pure Aloe Vera Skin Treatment was another favorite. I would come home from our Stroller Strides classes (which are outdoors at a local park), wash my face and apply the aloe vera skin treatment, which was perfect because you're ideally supposed to use this around three times a week (how often we attend class out in the sun!). The aloe vera felt so good against flushed sun-baked skin.

The Lavendar Calm Soap was great. I rarely use bar soap just because I find it's usually slippery and leaves your skin feeling dry and sticky. This soap is made up of essential oils and extracts -- not artificial lavender perfumes. It was truly calming and left my skin feeling moisturized and soft. No sulfates, no dryness, lots of tranquility -- what more could a mom want?

And then, of course, there's the Holistic Honey Body Lotion. I love everything about this lotion. It contains ingredients like organic honey (which seals in moisture and has wonderful healing properties), black willowbark extract, witch hazel and coconut oil and makes your skin feel so nice and soft. Without any fillers and just pure honey and organic ingredients, a small amount of this lotion will go a long way.

I'm extremely pleased with these Made From Earth products and highly recommend them to anyone looking to give their skin a healthy makeover or looking for a great gift for the holidays for someone special who could use some extra care and pampering this holiday season. I could truly tell a difference in my skin and how much more healthy and vibrant it seemed thanks in part to the natural properties of these products.

WANT TO WIN? The fabulous folks over at Made From Earth are offering one of my readers the chance to win a bottle of their wonderful Holistic Honey Body Lotion! The giveaway ends on 11/29/12 and is open to US residents. Good luck!

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  1. So I hardly ever enter giveaways but this one was too tempting to pass up!

  2. ahh so wonderful love the all natural face products

  3. I would also love to try the Lemongrass Tea Soap and the Vitamin E + Citrus Shower Gel.

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