and then there was strep.

Today strep entered our home. Actually, it's likely been lingering and festering for some time now, but today that swab said positive and so it was. Suddenly the air felt filled with germs, grime, invisible little critters biting at our heels and crawling on our skin no matter how much I sprayed, wiped, cleaned, sanitized, sterilized. Two days ago we were at the doctor and two days ago Ethan's strep test was negative. This morning he woke up with a 103 fever -- his first true fever -- and a recheck proved the swab test was now positive. I could tell by our doctor's sympathetic grimace-smile when she walked back in the room to deliver us the results. Strep.

In addition to a wet, deep bark of a cough that just won't quit, Ethan is now battling a feverish bout with strep. We spent our day moving between breathing treatments for the cough, seemingly constantly, and taking temperatures and medications to combat the unrelenting fever.

Today our saving graces were chilled organic fruit puree pouches and an ice from our favorite local Italian Ice location. Much love and thanks to you, Happy Baby and Cecilie's, respectively.

I have spent a great deal of time today staring at the disturbingly busy week ahead of us and hoping with everything in me that strep stays clear of everyone else in this home, and that Ethan's laundry list of medications all cooperate to provide a quick recovery. There is never a good time for strep ever, but now is truly a dreadful time. I have put all of my faith into a teaspoon of organic honey that I gave to Ethan before he went to bed in hopes it will quiet his cough enough to let him have a relaxing night of truly good sleep. Whatever hope is left has gone into hoping he wakes tomorrow without any trace of a fever.


  1. Oh darling, I hope that Ethan recovers soon. My oldest is so so sick w the flu, but imagine that it is much scarier to have an ill little one - when asthma is also an issue. Thinking of you and giggling over here at the amount of similar "gear" we have. That booger sucker was a saving grace when Adrian was little and we bought the same thermometer when he was born. Thinking of you so much. xx - M

    1. Gear of champions!!! Haha. Looooooove the snot sucker. Ethan doesn't but, eh, it's easier than the bulb! The thermometer has been a lifesaver. I had originally gotten one of the temporal artery ones and, ugh, it was so finicky, I never got a clear reading. I'm loving this one so far, as much as one can love a thermometer!

      Oh nooooooooo, I hope Lucia is feeling better right away! :( Poor thing! :(

      Thank you for your thoughts! <3

  2. I hope he gets well soon. I hate that you are having to go through this. It is never easy seeing your baby sick. Many healthy blessings to you!

  3. Poor little guy. We haven't had that battle in our house (yet,) but it sounds completely miserable. On a sidenote: I see your medicine cabinet looks like ours-- complete with snot-sucking weaponry. Ha!

    Hope he feels better soon! And I'm crossing my fingers everyone else stays healthy!

  4. Oh no! I hope everyone feels better soon. It is so scary when little ones are sick. A has only had one fever and we had to make a run to Walmart in the middle of the night bc we weren't prepared? Looks like you are on top of things mama!

  5. Poor baby! I hope he gets better quickly! He looks like such a fighter though, you've got one strong little boy on your hands!

  6. Poor Ethan! Hoping that strep leaves your home VERY soon!

  7. Oh no- poor E! Hope he is feeling better soon and it takes no one else down.

  8. Poor little guy! I hope he's feeling better soon!


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