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I first heard of EZpaint on a Facebook forum for local moms because EZpaint creator (and genius!) Beth is a mom of three who lives the next city over from me. It instantly caught my eye as the mom to a toddler boy who loves making art, but mostly because who doesn't love supporting other moms? I was really excited when Beth offered Ethan the opportunity to give EZpaints a go! My little artist won't turn down any art supply he's offered, but his favorite is paint. Essentially everything we owned is covered in bright, friendly shades of fingerpaint or you're likely to uncover dried, crusty paintbrushes hiding somewhere in our house. It happens. Needless to say, every last thing about EZpaint appealed to me. I mean, I'm not one to scoff at a little mess (I mean, have you seen my house? It's the definition of chaos on a good day!) but if I can avoid the spilled water, dried paint brushes and little primary color fingerprints up and down our table and walls, I surely wouldn't mind. Enter EZpaint.

Each color comes in it's own bottle with it's own attached-to-the-lid brush. No need for water or paint brushes to harden to your kitchen countertops. Each color is non-toxic and washable. EZpaint is portable, travels well and is even able to fly with your little one. Their easy ability to travel is something I adore about EZpaint. No one thinks of paint when they think of art supplies to-go, but EZpaint makes it possible. Want to take something to Grandma's house, to a busy doctor's office where your little one will be waiting for some time, to the park for a picnic and playdate with friends? EZpaint is a perfect solution for that. (To be honest, I had gotten Ethan a crayon roll as a stocking stuffer this Christmas and so far haven't brought it anywhere. Instead, we've just been bringing EZpaint -- which won't melt in the car, on top of it just generally being way more fun.)

The packages of EZpaint are a complete painting activity in one, meaning they come with cute little cards for your little ones to paint. Ethan absolutely loves sorting through the cards and picking out which one he'd like to paint. Every design is cheerful, bright and happy -- a true testament to the love that went into the creation of EZpaint, which was created by Beth when her youngest daughter was undergoing chemotherapy. (I'm excited to say that she has a fabulous prognosis and is the Head Artistic Director of EZpaint! We have her to thank for all the fun designs and colors!)

From a developmental standpoint, there is so much good in EZpaint, too. Using the brushes attached to the lid help with their little pincer grasps and it's been great for Ethan to learn to put the brushes in and take them out of the bottles, which he struggled with at first but has now proudly mastered! Doing so is basically like a tot school activity in itself when it comes to fine motor skill development!

I should also point out that a five piece set of EZpaints -- which includes six EZcards as well -- is only $9.95. A quick Google search will prove you what our art supply bills already have: that other brand children's paints are already nearly double that, and that's not including the brushes (another five bucks!) or the coloring books and paper.

Since EZpaint has been a part of our lives, Ethan hasn't once asked for his other fingerpaints and brushes. When he walks into his playroom and asks to make art, he lets it be known he means EZpaint. It's been an entirely new painting experience for both of us: no lost brushes, no mess, no clean-up, no fuss -- just beautifully done, inspirational little paintings that Ethan cannot wait to hang up on the wall. Mess-conscious moms, want to know another awesome feature of EZpaint?

...The bottles are no-spill. Yes, it's true, when clumsy little hands knock them over, you're not left with a terrible mess. It's almost virtually impossible to make a mess using EZpaint.

Of course, never one to run from a challenge, Ethan tested my theory and proved that, yes, with the help of the brush, he is able to paint his hair blue.

I'm proud to announce that with a little water on a paper towel, the paint came right out. No big deal.

EZpaint is a perfect activity for playdates and they would make great party favors as well. The EZcards are able to be ordered online in packs of 12 and there are now over 20 color options for EZpaint, including metallic and glitter shades! We've been incorporating EZpaint into our tot school curriculum for it's fabulous fine motor skills practice, which has topped Ethan's list of favorite weekly activities, hands down. Ethan and I are complete EZpaint converts and so proud to call Beth a hero from our hometown and a mommy who is truly, truly onto something with EZpaint! (Moms always know best, right?!)

TO BUY EZPAINT: To start your shopping for EZpaint and accessories (and learn more about EZpaint), visit myezpaint.com. You can also drop by the Facebook page for EZpaint for other great updates and to stay connected!

TO WIN: Beth generously is giving two of my readers the chance to win their own sets of EZpaint!

Here's how to enter:

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  1. AMAZING! I would love for Nolan to try these! :)

  2. These look perfect for Tristan!

  3. These look perfect for Tristan!

  4. What a great giveaway. My little artists would love these!

  5. These are super-cute! Regan would LOVE to try them (& probably paint her hair blue, too)

  6. These are so cool! I would love to have them around for when Owen gets a little older.

  7. Brilliant!!! I could see all of my kids loving these but I'd really love for Micaiah (our 16 month old) to have a set! We have yet to do even one art project because of the mess.

  8. Order online at myezpaint.com . Enter the free shipping code FREESHIPPING2013

  9. Order online at myezpaint.com . Enter the free shipping code FREESHIPPING2013

  10. These would be for my son. Thanks!

  11. These would be for my daughter.

  12. Awesome!!! Tripp would love these... I'm sure he'll be getting some one way or the other, soon!

  13. my son would love this !


  14. i would love to win this for my 3 year old and i am sure his big brothers would love them too
    jenny lloyd

  15. I would love these for my son.

    The Happy Wife/Danielle Garcia
    Ldsmom2201 (at) yahoo (dot) com
    Twitter: The_Happy_Wife

  16. I'd like to win a set for my daughter Jade.

  17. I would like to win them for my son.

  18. i would win them for my son, he owuld love this!

  19. my son or my neice.. either would love it

  20. Id love you win them for my 2 year old son . Be loves to "pain" , it's his new love :-)

    Sayjaymc@ gmail

  21. My 3yr old nephew Julian who loves to come over and wreak havoc.

  22. I would love these for my nephew.

  23. I would love these for my 2 1/2 year old daughter. She LOVES to paint!!!!!

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