singing along to feeling alright, we'll make it by in the pink moonlight

Sweet boy, you are nineteen months old today. I wish more than anything we were ringing in this new month with the green grass under our feet, exploring the backyard and swinging up to the moon, but we're instead spending it stuck indoors with the mindnumbing hum of the nebulizer. You are celebrating your nineteenth month with another dreadful respiratory issue, this time in the form of a lingering bark of a cough plaguing your otherwise healthy body and spirit. I should try to focus on the fact your corticosteroids seem to be working and you're handling this flare-up with all the grace, strength and glory your nineteen month old self can muster. You inspire me. I'm ready to take the nebulizer and hurl it through the window.

But you're nineteen months today and I can't help but feel equal parts nostalgic and proud. Somehow I blinked and now I have a little boy old enough to "read" me passages from his favorite books. These days, you are all about reading -- the Llama Llama books and all things Curious George are your favorites. Your favorite to read to mommy is I Spy, an old hand-me-down from your Aunt Megan's childhood bookshelf. How you love pointing out each item on each page with such certainty and excitement!

In the last couple of months, you have truly begun talking and with this new vocabulary has come an expansion of your opinions. You are beginning to string more than one word together if you're feeling confident enough, usually following the word "more" with something else: more milk, more smoothie, more art, more book. Today you had me laughing when you requested more MMMBop after your breathing treatment had ended. Yes, MMMBop. These days you are all about Hanson. We have a string of Hanson music videos that we watch online during your breathing treatments and they bring the biggest smile to your face (and the biggest smile to my face watching you rock out to Hanson videos during your treatments -- a welcomed change).

At nineteen months, you love making art. You prefer paint, but you won't turn down a marker. Crayons, you insist, are meant for chewing on or throwing across a room. You've discovered a love for cars, pushing your little dollar store matchbox cars down the hallway while repeating the word drive as you go. You haven't yet learned the "vroom" sounds, so you stick with drive. You love to eat just as you always have. At nineteen months, your favorite foods seem to be kale, pomegranate, oranges and tomatoes. You refuse to eat chicken unless you can dip (read: saturate it) it in something: marinara sauce, ketchup, sour cream, hummus.

You still love animals and can refer to three of your four cats by name. You love barking at every dog that passes, even ones you see walking outside the car window as we're driving by. You are also all about music. If we're not drumming, we're playing your keyboard toy, making shakers or having dance parties in the living room -- Penny & Me by Hanson is our song. Your signature dance moves are spinning until you're so dizzy you fall down, "jumping" up and down and just shaking your arms in the air. What a rockstar.

It's these moments I want to remember nineteen months by, more than the breathing machine or the barking cough or your inability to really need a night of sleep. You are everything to me, my sweet boy, in a way that only makes those words seem trivial. It's hard to believe you're already nineteen months, closer to two than to one, getting bigger every day.


  1. Aww, I'm sorry he's not feeling well again, that has to be so hard.

  2. Love this. Hope he feels better soon. A mama and her boy...what could be better?! :)

  3. A loves Hanson too! Mmmmbop makes him wiggle!

  4. So precious! Time goes so quickly :( hope he feels better!


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