january cara box reveal

If you're unfamiliar with Cara Box, it is a monthly package exchange created by Kaitlyn at Wifessionals to spread encouragement all year 'round! You can choose to participate on a month-by-month basis and are assigned a blogger to get to know and send a package to, based on the certain monthly theme. A different blogger altogether will be assigned to send you a package so, really, you get to make two new blogger friends each month! To read more about Cara Box and how to sign up, click here!

This month, the January Cara Box theme was resolutions. I had a blast getting to know Erica of Looking To The Stars, who I got to send a package to, as well as Jenn at Finding My Sunshine In Life, who sent Ethan and I such a wonderful January Cara Box!

Our box from Jenn arrived on the day when Ethan was so! very! sick! and our day was quite dismal. As soon as Ethan saw it sitting on the doorstep after we returned home from a doctor visit, he was so excited to open it with me! It was just about the most thoughtful package I could ever imagine receiving and Jenn sure was paying attention to my resolutions -- she took care of them all!

Jenn included this box of Lifesavers just because and I have to say, they truly were lifesavers after such a day!

The second thing Ethan pulled out of the box (since, really, there was no stopping him!) was the nicest note of encouragement from Jenn. In her note, she said probably the most touching words anyone could say to me ever, but especially in that moment after I'd finished sobbing my eyes out about more breathing treatments and doctor's appointments and feeling utterly wrecked:

Really, there are no more words more beautiful than those to be received by a mother. How sweet is Jenn?! She made my day (and trust me, that day was hard to make).

I had mentioned to Jenn that one of my resolutions was to pay just a little bit more attention to myself to truly feel good about myself without feeling guilty. I had mentioned to her that it'd been well over a year since I last painted my nails, as an example, and she thoughtfully included three beautiful nail polishes! Two of the colors were called Sea and Air, which made me think of the beach (Ethan and my favorite place in the whole world!) and were just so pretty. She also included a darker purple shade which I'm going to use tonight.

I had also mentioned to Jenn that one of my resolutions was to read more and so she included this beautiful handmade bookmark! I had to read her note three times over to ensure it was really handmade because, well, I can't believe something that beautiful was able to be created by someone! Talk about skill! I was gifted some wonderful new books for my birthday and am looking forward to making progress in them and seeing Jenn's beautiful bookmark holding the pages for me!

I had also mentioned that I truly needed to get more organized, especially when it came to grocery lists and meal planning, and so Jenn sent me a wonderful notepad that attaches to the refrigerator to help me out there! Next time I run out of something or have a recipe idea, all I have to do is jot it down! The coffee was a nice touch because, well, I live on coffee. Chocolate coffee?! Jenn is too, too kind.

Jenn also included a stack of goodies for Ethan for Tot School. You have no idea how much this warmed my heart! I love all things Tot School and it was just so nice for Jenn to acknowledge that and send us some goodies for our classroom. As I mentioned above, they couldn't have come at a more perfect time! Ethan immediately pried open the stickers -- the first time I saw him smile all day -- and went to work making art. The little colored bags are going to be just perfect for an upcoming color-matching activity I have planned!

Another huge, huge thank you to Jenn at Finding My Sunshine In Life for our amazing January Cara Box!

Want to see what other bloggers got in their Cara Box this month? Head on over to this post -- there's a link-up at the bottom!


  1. Is it lovely when things arrive just at the right time. Sometimes it's like they were just meant to be.

    What a lovely box and I do hope your little man is feeling better now :).

    Life in a Break Down

  2. That's so special! Your match sounds like a real sweetie, what a lovely little note to include.

  3. What a great Cara box to receive. I love the words of wisdom about spending time with your son, so true.

  4. I really like your Cara Box, so very thoughtful! Sounds like she hit the nail on the head. :)

  5. Such a beautiful note of encouragement! I can see why it made you so happy! I love that she included Ethan in the gifts too! So thoughtful!

  6. Wow!!!!! How cool to see all this on your beautiful blog. I am so glad the box made you both happy. I am so honored to hear all those great compliments. Glad the bookmark turned out ok. Thankful it all brought you a smile and even more thankful we met.

  7. Jenn really hooked you up! Sound like she really paid attention and made you such a meaningful Cara Box! BTW, your son is adorable! I'm sure he had fun opening your box fo you!

  8. So nice. AND, such a cute idea. I am secretly check this Cara Box thing out right now. :)

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