it's the great bubblewrap pumpkin, ethan nicholas

Fingerpainting on bubblewrap is one of our most favorite sensory-rich art projects to do around here. With Halloween just around the corner (and my kid about to implode with excitement!), I wanted to find a way to incorporate the fun of bubblewrap painting with Halloween.

Behold, the Great Bubblewrap Pumpkin.

The prep was fairly simple. I had a small piece of bubblewrap left and cut out an orange circle from construction paper in a coordinating size. (This also would have been really fun to make really big if I had enough bubblewrap!) I wrapped the excess bubblewrap around the orange pumpkin and taped it to the back. The bubblewrap was just ever so slightly bigger than the circle to make this possible. I taped on a stem, put some fingerpaint in some cups and let Ethan feast his eyes on this glorious activity that incorporates all of his favorite things. He was so excited!

Unlike most of our bubblewrap paintings, this one was the perfect size to hang up on the wall, which he couldn't wait to do.

(Above is the "say cheese" face. Apparently "in pain" is the new smile. Noted for our upcoming family portraits -- keep the "cheese" out of it.)

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