the mother of all baby showers south florida

Last night The Mother Of All Baby Showers was in South Florida at Davie's awesome Young At Art Children's Museum. Ethan is two, but it's always fun to check out how much baby stuff has evolved since the seemingly ancient times when I was compiling a baby registry. Things are always changing and it's always fun to check out the newest, hottest products on the "baby scene" as well as be able to say hello to some of my favorite baby brands when they're in town. Plus, I mean, it's always good to stay on top of my baby product game in the event I ever decide to cave in and give Ethan a sibling. One day.

Rosie Pope of Bravo's "Pregnant In Heels" was at the event sharing her expertise with all of the new moms and moms-to-be as well as signing copies of her book, "Mommy IQ".

I spent a lot of time watching Rosie rationalize with some irrationally hormonal pregnant women during my time on bedrest -- the period of my life where I discovered Bravo -- and was excited to be able to meet her in person. She most definitely has an aura about her comprised of tranquility and kindness, and it was so great to be able to spend some time with her before the show.

I attended the event with fellow bloggers April of April Golightly and Melissa of The Eyes Of A Boy. Not pictured but also in attendance with us was local mommy business royalty Silvia from FIT4MOM's Stroller Strides of Coral Springs & Parkland. That woman tortures me to the point where I'm sure death may be eminent, but I love her nonetheless.

Because I'm a total blogging geek, I was a little bit star struck when Ruth from Viva Veltoro walked into the room and couldn't pass up an opportunity to go say hello. Somehow I missed the fact that one of my favorite bloggers lived in the same state that I do -- can I blame this on mommy brain or simply being completely unobservant?

The vibrant, beautiful walls of the museum were lined with vendor tables from some of the biggest names in the business including Pediped, Stokke, Happy Family and tons more. There were also some great local vendors showing their South Florida pride, like 2 Chicks Cupcakery and Zenerations of Boca who I learned were now offering arts and crafts classes for toddlers. You know I'm all over that. The museum was filled with veteran mommies, excited first-time mommies and moms who were just beginning their pregnancy journey. It was great to come together with moms -- and some nervous new dads -- and experience all of the wonderful baby product vendors who totally have your back on this crazy journey into parenthood.

Beth from Shades Kids was there with some of her adorable clothes for little ones including some of the cutest hip little shorts I've ever seen.

Go Mama Go Designs were there with their Wonder Bumpers which may or may not be the coolest baby product I've seen in some time. Talk about innovative! I love that these (beyond plush, cozy, adorable and cute) individual bar bumpers completely invalidate the need for potentially dangerous conventional bumpers. For those with little ones past the crib stage, these also work on the shortened bars of toddler bed rails by scrunching to fit the size bar needed.

It was also super cool to meet Vicky of Mamatography. As a mom, there's nothing I love more (or find more important) than helping to support and empower other moms. Vicky is not only a talented photographer, mom and grad student (a film major, so she's a girl after my own heart), but also runs lessons locally for moms to be able to learn how to work their cameras and learn the ropes of photography. I also got the opportunity to meet Lisa of Little Trendyz who makes the cutest (and most practical) PJ's for little ones. It's always so cool to run into local mommies doing great things! Speaking of, I got to meet Tera from Biz4Moms, an organization geared towards empowering and supporting mom owned businesses and blogs. So awesome!

Another great highlight of the night for me was to be able to watch a demonstration by Baby K'Tan.

A Baby K'Tan wrap was one of the things I wish I would have had when Ethan was an infant and something that will definitely be going on my must-have list for any future little ones. You know, file that under "things I wish I knew and didn't learn until it was too late." That was actually one of the best parts of the Mother Of All Baby Showers: the ability to learn something new, even veterans moms who have been at this a while. In addition to the great new products being showcased (Baby Spa's face cream is doing wonders on Ethan's fever-flushed cheeks today!), there were also some fantastic seminars going on including one by Rosie Pope. There were seminars from everything from pre- and post-natal health to carseat safety by Britax CPST's to a session on planning your child's financial future by Charles Schwab. (My husband would have been, without a doubt, glued to that last one.) It was a great event to not just learn the ropes of the product market, but also every little nook and cranny of the parenting adventure.

My favorite part of the event was being able to meet and spend some time chatting with Jason Hulfish. To say he's "an artist" would be a huge understatement. I was completely in awe of the murals and children's rooms that he creates which completely encompass the limitless magic of a child's imagination.

Jason Hulfish's art is unlike anything I've ever seen before! Perhaps you've seen him on ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition or HGTV's Posh Tots. His work is unmistakable and just so! totally! cool! I loved being able to meet him and take a peek at some of his beautiful works of art. (Just check out his Facebook page -- I bet it'll take your breath away!)

If you're not in South Florida, you still have an opportunity to catch The Mother Of All Baby Showers when it heads your way! Tampa Bay, Arizona and Philadelphia shows are all set to happen soon and, of course, I'd keep an eye on the event website to make sure you catch when the showcase heads your way in the future!


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