halloween crafting

"I will stop using my iPhone as a primary source of photo taking," I said. "I will get better at remembering to photograph all of our activities," I insisted. "I will somehow render myself unable to function while my husband is working around the clock and I'm trying to keep my head above water with all of the activities I've excitedly planned," I should have said. You know, with no one to remind me to replace the batteries in my flash or charge my camera batteries or clear my memory cards, I've been coming up a little short. And unprepared. And grateful for just remembering to prepare dinner so my always-hungry two year old doesn't starve and I don't have to wince when my husband walks in at midnight and asks what's for dinner because he's starving, too and I've got nothing. Things are a little hectic around here these next couple of weeks but I'm adjusting as best as I can, even if it means breaking out the iPhone last minute to attempt to document our adventures. Speaking of adventures, October is a month of many. Something about having kids making Halloween ridiculously fun and exciting. I end each day covered in glue with scraps of construction paper stuck onto my jeans and that is so just the way I like it.


Ethan is big into skeletons these days. He picked out a skeleton skull at Target for $2 the other day and it has gone everywhere with us. He calls it Skeleton Pirate Boy and says it's his friend so, naturally, every skeleton he sees is also called the same. And because it's October, he sees a lot. I drew and cut out a skeleton skull and let Ethan glue it wherever he wanted and create the rest of the bones from q-tips. Since, to a two year old, little is cooler than using glue, he had a blast with this one.


Because I can't not do one piece of handprint art (at least) per year, I thought this would be a fun activity, too. I picked up some yarn at Wal-Mart and Ethan got to work making a spiderweb. Once he was satisfied with his web, we painted his hands and made a handprint spider. His favorite part was gluing on the eyes (and, boy, did he choose a lot of eyes). When the spider was dry, we cut it out and glued it onto the web.


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