painting baby fall corn with fluffy dough paint

Ethan has been begging me for the baby corn on display at the grocery store every time we pass it. I knew corn wasn't going to last forever as a "hang on the wall and tuck away in a memory trunk" piece so I wanted to do something super sensory and fun with it. I immediately thought of fluffy dough paint which was one of the first homemade paints Ethan ever fingerpainted with when he was an itty-bitty guy. It has a great texture to squish in your hands and paint with, which teamed up nicely with the bumpy texture of corn and the crunchy, stiff leaves. I put out some brushes to get the fun started, but he wasted no time getting his hands all messy.

Here's how you make the paint:

Fill a cup halfway up with water and stick in a washable marker. You could always use liquid watercolors, too, if you happened to have any on hand.

Pour in some salt and stir, just enough for the water to look a little cloudy.

Add five tablespoons of flour and stir to combine.

The end result is a really pretty pastel paint that just feels so cool to play with (and paint with, of course!).


  1. Hi there! I'm Janice from Roller Coaster Ride. Found your blog thru the Collective hop. Followed you on Bloglovin'. :) This idea is so cool. I'm not much of a crafty person though but this one looks like something the kids and I can have fun with. Have a great day! :)

  2. What a cute activity. My niece would love this! New follower from The Collective :)

  3. Incredibly creative, as always mama. Hope you and that darling boy are doing well. xx

  4. This looks so fun! Will definitely have to add it to our list of sensory mixtures to try!

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