34 Weeks

So sometime between last week and this week, my baby belly exploded! I woke up this morning and noticed it. I wonder how much bigger it can possibly get over the next five weeks?! Poor Ethan is still running out of room in there.

I'm still on bedrest but it's gotten a bit better this week (and a special shout-out to my weekly visitors, Mike and Nea!). My aunt Fran is visiting from Pennsylvania for my baby shower this weekend so instead of walling myself up in a bedroom, I've moved my bedrest station to my mom's living room couch. This has given me the opportunity to visit with family and still remain all laid out and capable of doing absolutely nothing. It definitely helps lift the morale a bit.

Ethan should be around 18 inches long and weighing as much as a standard cantaloupe. His fat layers are filling out and, as we saw from our 3D ultrasound yesterday, he's quite chunky already! His lungs and nervous system are busy continuing to mature. The lanugo that covered Ethan is pretty much gone and instead he should be covered in vernix. Instead of relying solely on the placenta, Ethan's immune system is strengthening and gaining some antibodies on his own!

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