36 Weeks

I've reached the stage of my pregnancy where I need help getting my pants on every morning. While everyone else talks of their baby dropping, mine has seemingly climbed all the way back up into my ribs. I swear, the ultrasound technician had to practically ultrasound my boobs yesterday to accurately take head measurements of my breech baby. What can I say? He's a non-conformist. As much as I huff-and-puff like an elderly man trying to stand up off of the couch when it's time for a bathroom break, I'm still so relieved that he's continuing to bake in there and I can even make this entry. For that matter, it's my greatest wish that I can continue to express my levels of discomfort and trouble breathing(/moving/sleeping/sitting/resting/laying, etc.) properly for three more weeks to come. It's funny how that works.

I'm still on bedrest, but I'm getting a little bit more used to it these days. I have a set schedule: my husband drops me and my hospital bag off at my parents house every morning on his way to work. My loving mother dotes on me hand and foot throughout the day while I stare mindlessly at HLN's coverage of the Casey Anthony trial (because, really, it's the only guaranteed constant in my day). At the end of my husband's work day, he picks me and my hospital bag back up and we retreat home where I'm undoubtedly in bed (moaning and groaning in misery and discomfort) and asleep by nine. Nine-thirty at the latest. I'm okay with this schedule.

My husband also finished hanging the window treatments in Ethan's nursery which was the last thing that needed to be done before it was officially considered finished and ready for his arrival. I'll definitely be doing a grand nursery reveal post this weekend! I'm pretty thrilled with how everything turned out and pretty thankful for our desk chair on wheels so that my husband can help me turn it into a makeshift wheelchair to ensure I get to wheel myself around and throw out orders on the proper way to do things. I'm not so sure if my husband is thankful for said desk chair, however...but I digress. The nursery looks awesome and that's what counts.

As for little Ethan the rib-climber, the baby websites are estimating him to be almost 6 pounds this week. We know from our 35-week sizing ultrasound at the perinatologist office that he was already six pounds then so I'm not sure how accurate his size comparison to a crenshaw melon really is. I'm kind of okay with that because, really, I haven't the slightest idea what a crenshaw melon is anyway. They do guess him to be about 18 1/2 inches long which is crazy to think about! He's busy shedding the vernix and the fuzzy body hair that previously adorned his little body...and swallowing them. He's busy growing (estimated 1/2 pound per week at this point) and will be 15% fat when he's born!


  1. I am addicted, which isn't really even the word, there has to be some sick obsession I have with the Casey Anthony trial. I watch it every.single.day & on days I can't watch it, I'm reading up on it, or getting my Nancy Grace updates on facebook. I'm a junkie!

    Yay for making it another week in pregnancy! One more week until your considered FT!!! =]

  2. I have never even heard of a crenshaw melon!! Anyways, Thank you for following DIY Home Sweet Home. We will definitely have to swap some gluten free recipes once you get off bed rest. Following you know also.

  3. The last month of pregnancy is always uncomfortable. Good luck getting to full term! New follower from MBC, you can find me at

  4. You're really close now! Pretty much full term. That's great your nursery is all done and you can feel your baby has a place of his own just waiting for him.


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