Ethan Watch 2011 Is Officially On

As you can see from the photo to the left, I'm back to my faithful bed-resting position (or couch-resting, as it is) but I am sporting a nice L&D wristband. I could have taken it off last night when I went home but my mind was too busy sputtering everywhere and having miniature freak-outs that it didn't cross my mind until my aunt asked me about it this morning. I had noticed a very slight amount of spotting after urinating last night and decided to call my doctor to play it safe, as I've been told over and over to not play around with preeclampsia. As I was waiting his call back, I started getting this surge of discomfort in my pelvic area. My doctor called back (from his cell phone on his way into the hospital because he's that awesome) and told me he was on-call at the hospital so to come in and sit on the monitor for a while. The monitor showed that Ethan was awesome...but it also showed that I was having contractions. Remember that surge of discomfort that I mentioned feeling? Halfway to the hospital, it morphed into these super painful contractions. (I should also note that I have no pain tolerance whatsoever and was not in actual labor.) Due to the preeclampsia and the fact I'll be 36 weeks along on Thursday, the doctor doesn't want to do anything to stop my labor. Labor. The word almost knocked me off of my feet as, as silly as this sounds, it's not something I even thought about given the fact I had my c-section scheduled so early on. I never remotely anticipated going into labor or that it would be possible for me to go into labor.

I'm not in actual labor now, but as the nurse said as she hugged me on my way out: "expect this baby any day now!" I had just wrapped my mind around the fact the perinatologist gave me a 37-39 week window for delivery but "any day now" was a whole 'nother shock altogether. Since waking up this morning, I've had no more spotting and no contractions but I'm still so nervous, anxious, impatient-and-yet-still-wouldn't-be-sad-if-this-baby-baked-a-little-bit-longer. Every new bump or thump or flutter in my belly, I find myself going "WHAT WAS THAT?!" and trying to analyze it into oblivion.

Since we can expect Ethan any day now (it still gets me every time!), my hospital bag is officially finished and waiting to go. After hounding my friends with children for suggestions, I finally managed to finish compiling everything thanks to the help of my husband. (Let's just say that yesterday's L&D visit helped me give him that kick to hurry and get everything done!)

1. Boppy pillow and my Emily's Garden cover.
2. Cord blood and cord tissue banking kit from CBR.
3. Nursing bras from Anita.
4. Ethan's super special Peter Rabbit baby book from my friend, Rhiannon, in New Zealand.
5. Always pads, though I suppose these are self-explanatory.
6. Nursing nightgowns (since I'm a c-section, I'm pretty wary about pajama pants and opted to go the nightgown route for the hospital).
7. Granny panties that start nice and high over my incision. Attractive, no?
8. Maternity sundress to wear home from the hospital.
9. Earth Mama & Angel Baby's Nipple Butter.
10. Lansinoh nursing pads.
11. Earth Mama & Angel Baby's Boobie Tubes.
12. Episencial's Body Butter.
13. EOS Lip Balm.
14. Hair ties.
15. Warm, fuzzy socks.
16. Make-up, because I am determined to look fabulous in these post-baby pictures. Yes, be prepared to laugh at my silly pre-baby goals when I note afterward how the eyeliner never came out of the bag.
17. Flip-flops for the shower.
18. Cell phone and charger...with all of our important phone numbers (pediatrician, cord blood registry, etc.) saved into our phones.
19. Travel-sized toiletries.
20. Gluten-free snacks for my Celiac husband because he in no way benefits from the food and snacks the hospital provides.
21. Camera and charger.
22. CD's with my super-relaxing music playlists.
23. Ethan's coming home outfit.
24. Ethan's custom newborn beanie for his hospital stay, which was a gift from our friend Victoria @ Adventures In Mommyhood.


So, really, we're...ready? Ready or not, Ethan perhaps is ready to come? Maybe?


  1. yay awesome hospital bag list, you are ready!!

  2. Can I recommend since having 2 C-sections; the netted underwear they give you are AWESOME for afterwards with the staples and around the incision. I even took a few pair home under I felt comfortable to wear elastic underwear again. :) And, the HUGE pads that they have work awesome for over your incison if it oozes!

    Wow and "any day now" :) Congrats and lots of luck.

  3. I am so excited for you!!! Like I read that and just wanted to squeal with joy over it all!! You're going to be a MOMMY soon and I'm just thrilled.

  4. ahhh!! so awesome! he will be here so, so soon!
    isn't this the most exciting part?! those last few weeks of anxiety and anticipation are the BEST. soak up every single minute of this. you only have your first baby once! someone told me that when i was pregnant with olivia and i didn't really get was she was saying until my second came along....it's still exciting, but something about the unknown of the first one, the labor, the birth, figuring it all out for the first time with your husband...so special <3

    oh man, i miss my baby belly!

  5. I will keep you and Ethan in my prayers for days to come. I wonder if he is trying to make it before Father's Day!! What a gift would that be!!!

  6. this is so awesome!

    your list is perfect. OMG ETHAN WATCH!!!

    (PS do you want me to update your blogger blog?)

  7. Hi Lindsay. Thanks for stopping by Cotton Pickin Cute and entering my giveaway. Good luck! I'm happy to have you as a new follower and am looking forward to seeing some beautiful baby pics of Ethan when he arrives. Take care of yourself and I'm sending up a prayer for a safe and sweet delivery.

    Hugs...Tracy :)


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