When Seeing The Perinatologist Isn't Scary

I'll be honest: pregnancy is scary. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I was scared that something unspeakable would happen. It was all downhill from there. Just when I was cruising along perfectly and getting the hang of it (and maybe even gloating that I enjoyed pregnancy), preeclampsia decided it wanted to spoil any of those positive feelings. Suddenly I was at the almost-end of my first pregnancy, being diagnosed with my nemesis pre-e and being referred to a perinatologist. And the perinatologist? It's scary, too. Well, not my doctor herself -- she's extremely kind, gentle and calm -- but the thought of the perinatologist, or namely the thought that we need one.

Yesterday I saw my regular OB, as I do every Tuesday. My blood pressure was surprisingly low (well, normal, but low for me) and Ethan's heartrate was great. I went home with two jugs to do a 24-hour urine catch (is it bad this no longer even remotely phases me?) and nervously anticipated my second perinatologist visit...which was today. Today, we dropped off my jugs of urine (again, is it bad this no longer phases me?), I had my blood drawn to accompany this test and then we made our way to the perinatologist's office...

...where I sat in the world's most comfortable chair, strapped to a monitor and relaxed. The only thing I had to do is hit the little button each time Ethan moved. No big deal. I can do this.

After the relaxing monitoring session, it was onto the ultrasound session. The larger he gets, the harder it is to see him clearly on ultrasound but we were able to see his little face today. He's still frank breech, but we did get to see a cute profile shot of him sucking on his little fingers and looking happy as a clam in there.

Proud grandmas, in case you're wondering, sit in the lobby texting camera phone pictures of their grandson's ultrasound to everyone we possibly know. (Hi, mom!)

Meeting with the perinatologist today wasn't scary. In fact, it was kind of awesome. That's because she gave me great news...better news than I got last week at that! Depending on the results of my urine testing (which we should expect by Friday or Monday at the very latest), she's pretty confident that I'm going to make it to my 37 week check-ups with my OB and her! Not only is this exciting because it'll mean that I'll have made it to 37 weeks, but it's also pretty exciting because the day after I see my perinatologist next week, I'll be 38 weeks! I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but when the perinatologist gives you "a 10 out of 10" on your progress, it feels pretty good. And it's hard not to puff yourself up and start thinking all sorts of optimistic thoughts that you had pushed to the back of your mind previously.

I'm trying to keep my feet on the ground and accept that things could change. My urine results could come back atrocious, things could flare up and my pre-e could head into overdrive...but right now I'm enjoying the fact that these things could also not happen. Right now I'm enjoying the fact that my perinatologist feels confident I'll make it to my 37 week check-ups which is initially when I was predicted to have to deliver. I'll soak up the optimism while I can.

The bad news is that it's hot as hell in Florida these days. Maybe I'm a little late to the party, but I'm also on bedrest (and suddenly quite thankful for that). The ridiculous heat paired with my flared up, pre-e swelling-of-doom was not helping along my day of needle pricks, pee jugs and nerve-wracking appointments.

I came home swollen like I've never been swollen before but...it was worth it. Because the good news? WORTH IT. Knowing that I'm kind of kicking preeclampsia's ass with my intense bedresting? SO WORTH IT. Knowing that 37 or even 38 weeks aren't totally unattainable after all? Do I have to say it again? Okay, I will: WORTH IT.

(Yes, those are chicken breasts. We were out of ice packs...they were keeping my urine cool in a cooler. Yes, this is the glamorous side of pregnancy in so many ways.)


  1. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

  2. I already called Aaron yesterday since I didnt hear from you....Good news!!
    Maybe I will be able to visit once more and re-freshen your flower supply.
    : )
    I cant wait to meet the handsome fellow, though!!!

  3. Haha. Pee Jugs on Ice. Hahaha


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