Baby Shower!

Yesterday my amazing mom threw me the most beautiful children's book themed baby shower in the world! I was cleared for this so long as I stayed seated and kept my feet elevated but it was so nice to be able to visit with family and friends. Ethan was beyond spoiled and it very much looks like a Babies 'R' Us store exploded in the living room! Every last detail was perfect (thanks, mom!) and I am still just filled with gratitude towards all of our amazing friends and family members. Ethan is a very, very lucky little boy to have all of them in his life.

We are so lucky! There are not enough thank you's in the world!


  1. It looks like your Baby Shower was an awesome time :) My kids favorite book is "The Rainbow Fish", along with "If you Give a Cat a CupCake". I have read that a billion times to them! Another good one for colors is "Warthogs Paint". Such good books!!!

  2. Seeing these pictures makes me so sad that I had to miss it because I was really looking forward to it, but I'm so happy that you had an amazing time! Everything looked so beautiful and I love the theme so much - it's so creative and fun! I can't wait for Ethan's arrival!

  3. oh my goodness how sweet!!

    i am thinking of doing a book themed shower for my sister after i saw it in a martha stewart magazine! yours is adorable :)

    looks like you are one blessed mama <3

  4. this is all so gorgeous and fun! i love the idea of painting a onesie!


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