3D/4D Ultrasound

My aunt Fran flew in from Pennsylvania today for our baby shower this upcoming weekend. We (my mom, my husband and myself) picked her up from the airport and surprised her with a trip to 4D Picture Perfect in Fort Lauderdale. The last 3D ultrasound we had was back at around 20 weeks and I was so excited to see how much Ethan grew now at 33 weeks, 6 days!

Sure enough, he looked like an actual baby in there! He's gigantic and running out of room (sorry, kid! Your mom is only 5'0"!) and so cute! He's still frank breech but since I'm already scheduled for a c-section, no one is concerned. We were still able to get great pictures of him regardless of his positioning and it was so cool to see which features he inherited from me and which he inherited my husband (because, whatever, you can totally tell!). If you're wondering, we've decided he had my nose and chin and my husband's lips and (huge) feet!


  1. I think you are right, he has your nose....and does Aaron really have big lips/feet?!?!
    He is so lucky to be born to such a loving family.
    You can already tell that he is gonna be a huge "ladies man" !!!Anyway, I cant wait to meet him!!!

  2. Actually the feet are pretty big...!?!?!

  3. He's beautiful. From seeing pictures of you & Aaron he definately ressembles the two of you :)

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