Home Sweet Home.

We were able to bring Ethan home on Monday evening and it was wonderful, save for the fact I was feeling extremely ill about an hour after he came home. Long story short, my absence on the internet can be attributed to my own new slew of health issues. Longer story short, I am "dangerously anemic" (and, for the record, it's really scary when a doctor tells you that) and will require a blood transfusion if these new iron supplements and my red meat diet don't kick in. Not to jinx it, but I'm feeling mostly human tonight (hence my ability to compose this post) and am hoping this means everything is working. My husband has been wonderful in resuming the role of mom and dad to a newborn while I've been busy turning pale and falling asleep faster than a narcoleptic but I am so ready to just be healthy again and enjoy life with my little boy without any hiccups.

Having him home has still been amazing. There is nothing that compares to just holding him or watching him sleep. He turned one week old yesterday evening and I'm finding that so crazy! I heard time flies by but I never realized just how quickly! He's had his first pediatrician visit and totally kicked the jaundice, so that was an awesome update to receive. He's doing great and is the most wonderful little boy in the world!

Bethany from The Momma Monologues came to visit and bring us yummy dinner and baked goods!

Ethan got to meet his GREAT-GREAT GRANDMA! How many lucky little boys get one of those?!


  1. Omg, a week old already?! How did that happen?

  2. goodness gracious he makes me want to have a little boy!!! those cheeks, that hair, he is absolutely so precious!

    i'll be keeping you in my prayers, friend. hopefully all that stuff will clear up soon and you can start really enjoying your new family!!


  3. I seriously cannot believe he's a week old already! I'm so glad Bailey and I got to meet him (and Aaron!) and see you yesterday. He is such a beautiful little boy and parenthood suits you and Aaron so well! Ethan is such a lucky little boy. I can't wait to see him again!

  4. Wow,Lindsay. You are definately in my prayers! Hope you feel better & don't need a blood transfusion. Ethan is a peach =]

  5. congrats & hopefully you feel better very soon (& everything works out). My friend had the same scare after giving birth to her son a few years ago.

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