birds are leaving over autumns ending

On Monday, our pediatrician rechecked Ethan and we left with my favorite holiday gift so far: a clean bill of health! Tomorrow his nebulizer treatments go down to only two per day (one morning, one evening) and he should be good to go by the weekend.

We celebrated this good news as well as the gorgeous weather by going for a walk. I had brought some bread with us and we stopped to feed the ducks and other waterbirds at this small lake near our neighborhood. It's funny to watch Ethan stare down the ducks diving for bread underneath his feet. When they begin flying and walking towards us, Ethan will kick his feet and squeal with excitement. Once they reach us, he studies them intently and barely moves until they're all gone. It's always so fun watching his reaction to certain things as he grows and learns.

With a forecast set in the 50's and 60's this week, I foresee many bundled-up (this is Florida, remember?) walks in our near future. This time of year is always so wonderful, from the ever so slight chill in the air to the peppermint white mochas to the smell of pine trees from the Christmas tree lots on the street-corners (yeah, still Florida). With a clean medical slate, all is well and all is so, so good.


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