Yoomi Self-Warming Bottle Review

Yoomi couldn't have possibly sent us their self-warming bottle to review at a better time. Since he's been sick, Ethan's appetite isn't what it normally is. Throw in the fact that having his milk warm is the only way he'll really eat, and it's been kind of a hassle. I warm his bottles but they cool before he's had the time to finish and then he decides he doesn't want to finish the cool milk. It didn't feel like such a hassle until the day I took him to the pediatrician and had no way to warm his milk to fill his belly before we drove home. (Oh. Wait. That was only yesterday? It feels like it was a month ago at least.) Yoomi's Self-Warming bottle sounded like a miracle. When I eyed the box in my kitchen, I swear I heard angels singing and bells chiming.

It's pretty cool the way the Yoomi (BPA free!) bottle works. There's a heater that you activate by setting it in rapidly boiling water for just shy of a half an hour. After it sits to cool, you place it into the lid of the bottle and push the button. After sixty seconds, the milk is warmed just so. The milk stored in the nipple area heats as it pools around the heater and baby is content with a belly full of warm milk. It's as easy and awesome as it sounds. Ethan woke up from a nap this afternoon hungry and all I did was push the button on the heater and watch as the milk warmed on it's way into his mouth.

Ethan doesn't use wide-mouth nipples so I was a bit concerned on how he'd take to it. I was happy to learn it was a medium-flow nipple which works perfectly for us (the Gelmix thickener that Ethan needs due to reflux requires a medium-flow nipple due to the thickness). We've tried many wide-mouth nipples before and they all seem to collapse or are just flimsy and hard for Ethan to latch onto properly. The nipple on the Yoomi bottle didn't collapse or bend or make it hard for Ethan to transition. This (anti-colic!) nipple is made so well. Ethan had no trouble latching on and finished the entire bottle of milk without the nipple even faltering. I was totally impressed. (For those who don't have to worry about thickeners, Yoomi comes in slow, medium and fast flow nipples...all of which are BPA-free and contain six anti-colic chambers!)

I like how mobile and easy the Yoomi bottle is. It can be recharged approximately 100 times by placing the heater into boiling water. That's all. Sterilizing and charging can be done in the same, simple step. No worries about fussing with batteries or plugs or cords. It's one of those products that suddenly makes your life a little bit easier and you wonder why you haven't had one all along.

Even when Ethan has recovered, we're excited to have our Yoomi bottle as part of our daily feeding regimen. The quality of the bottle is impeccable and I especially love that it was created by parents (whose own children gave it the stamp of approval!). Parents know best and the Yoomi is just another piece of proof to support that notion!

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