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Everyone is currently up in arms over Kim What's-Her-Face getting a divorce from What's-His-Face after however-many-days of marriage. I couldn't tell you who won on Dancing With The Stars or American Idol (wait -- is the latter even still on TV?). If asked who they could shake hands with, many people would answer the president. My answer? Well, just look at the above picture. Today Ethan and I met a couple of the biggest celebrities in our world.

Those people in the photograph above? They're two of the people responsible for saving my son's life. There aren't enough thank you's in the world for the people who stood up against "oh, babies puke" or "don't be silly, babies cry" or "you're overreacting." There aren't close to enough thank you's for the people who helped my son turn into the happy, healthy baby he is today.

Because these people? They are part of the Gelmix revolution. I've blogged about Gelmix in the past, but to those new readers who aren't quite sure what I'm getting at, Gelmix is a natural way to fight acid reflux.

Ethan was diagnosed with acid reflux at one month and four days old. I was worried about the amount of vomit -- projectile and otherwise -- he was having, worried about the way he arched his back and screamed in pain anytime he so much as sipped at his bottle. I was told a variation of things from "I'm sure he doesn't have reflux" to "all babies spit up sometimes" to "just give him rice cereal" and none of them made me feel any better. I knew better, knew that my son wasn't supposed to choke every single time he tried to eat. I knew that he wasn't supposed to grunt and cry in discomfort, writhing around in pain with each sip. I knew that I wasn't supposed to surround myself in blankets awaiting the inevitable puddles of vomit that would occur whenever he had a bottle. I also knew that he was so little, it just wasn't right that he needed to be put on medication. It wasn't right to fill his little tummy with rice cereal with no nutritional value. With my hands-tied and sleep deprived from worry, we saw our amazing pediatrician. She diagnosed him with acid reflux and we discussed the treatment options. "Before we give you a medication, would you like to try something naturally to help him out first?" It was music to my ears, but it was only uphill from there. From Ethan's first bottle with the Gelmix, it was an instantaneous cure. He sipped the bottle happily, comfortable, giggling and then went to sleep without discomfort. I stayed up, waiting for the inevitable puke or the misery -- it never happened.

And so gone were the days of choking, puking, discomfort, misery. Gone were the days of anything but having a happy, healthy, thriving baby simply because of Gelmix. Gelmix saved his life.

So what is Gelmix? It's a natural, organic thickener comprised of carob. Gelmix can be used with breastmilk and any baby formula and adds only 2.4 calories per ounce (compared to rice cereal which adds 14 calories per ounce!). If you've ever had a little one with reflux, you know how exhausting, frustrating and downright scary it can be. You know the feelings of helplessness that you feel when your little one is in such discomfort. Mommies, mommies-to-be or dear blog readers who simply know someone who is a mommy or mommy-to-be, take some notes, know your options and read up about Gelmix.

Read up about Gelmix and check back here on Wednesday. I'm so excited to say that not only was meeting a couple of the faces of Gelmix absolutely amazing, but Ethan and I have the opportunity to work with Gelmix for some great surprises for you guys, too! (Really, there are no ends to the awesomeness that is Gelmix. You'll quickly learn this.)

And, so, today we got to meet the people responsible for saving Ethan's life. How do you prepare for such an event?! Coming out of it, we were honored, touched and even more thankful to be able to have Gelmix in our lives.

Don't forget, dear readers, to check back on Wednesday for a post you really don't want to miss, courtesy of our beloved friends at Gelmix!


  1. I'm so glad you found something that worked!! I'll be sure to pass the info along to my friends that have babies with acid reflux. Sounds like it's a miracle non drug solution :)

  2. Wow I JUST wrote a post about spitting up! Im glad I read this, even though I dont think Zo has acid reflux, I have considered trying things that would help, and just knowing about this is wonderful! How neat to be able to get together with the people who saved your little baby boy! That is so neat : )

  3. SO glad to know about this just in case my next babe may need it!

    i love your little corner of the internet world, lindsay :)

  4. I literally just did a blog post about how frustrated I am with my sons reflux! I feel like my doctor doesn't take me seriously when I tell her how bad his spit-up is and I am so tired of hearing "he's gaining weight so there is no real problem" and "all babies spit-up" this sounds like the miracle I've been looking for, but I am hesitant to add yet another thing to his diet at this point... I am definitely going to start looking into it


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