give me spots on my apples but leave me the birds and the bees

It's a sentiment I keep echoing, but we've so very much been enjoying our beautiful weather. This morning was the first day of our local farmer's market and, despite the fact we had other commitments and really didn't have the time, we just had to attend if not for only a few minutes.

When we were in college, my husband and I would awake before 7 on Saturdays and make our way to the local farmer's market, spending hours drinking hot, handcrafted coffees, stocking up on fresh produce and marveling at all of the unique vendors. When we moved back to our hometown after school, it was that year that our hometown first developed their own farmer's market. Spending the cool, breezy, lazy weekend mornings at the farmer's market has long since been a family tradition I've longed to share with my future children and so I've been extremely excited for the season to begin.

We left with fresh citrus, guacamole, fruit juice, pickles and a handcrafted, natural rootbeer that I just could not say no to (despite the fact it wasn't even ten in the morning). There were farm animals, dogs, entertainment and crowds of people but despite all of the excitement, Ethan spent the entire farmer's market like so:

Maybe the excitement of the farmer's market was lost on him today but I'm not in a rush for him to grow up, run around and take advantage of the free SnoCones and pony rides. I'm just happy to implement this family tradition and finally enjoy those cool, breezy, lazy weekends with my family at the farmer's market.


  1. I love the Farmer's Market. It snowed here last week, so no more Farmer's Market for us. I'm so jealous!

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