a cow named francois.

The weather down here in South Florida has been something out of a dream. We've had temperatures in the 70's accompanied by a cool breeze that is so out of character for our typical November weather. It's been hard to not take advantage of this weather and so we've been spending a great deal of time outside.

During our standard warmer weather, Ethan and I drive past a large field of cows on our way to our local park. There are always cars pulled over by the cow field, children toting bags of fresh vegetables and waving them at the cows. When it's hot, though, the cows don't come. They stare, bored, from under their shade trees and then turn the other way. I always promise Ethan that when it gets cooler and the cows get more active, we will bring them a snack.

Needless to say, we've visited the cow field each day this week, toting our own bags of squash and celery and zucchini and carrots and spinach. They are patient and gentle for pets and eager to inhale all of the vegetables we bring. Today we brought Ethan's Aunt Megan with us to visit the cows -- especially our favorite one, who we've named Francois -- and there were several children who beat us to the cow field, wielding stalks of celery and carrots. Ethan was patient when it came to waiting his turn to feed the cows. He's content just watching them, trying to figure them out. It's almost as if Francois recognizes us by now, leaving the other children behind and coming to check out what we've brought this afternoon.

One of my friends told me not too long ago how it's apparent Ethan will grow up with such a fondness for all living things and, really, I couldn't ask for anything more. I love watching him as he discovers all of the wonders in nature, be it the fish in the aquarium at the local mall or Francois and the other cows grazing in the field on the side of the road. He is such a remarkable little boy and, though I always say it (because it's always so true!), I feel so honored be able to watch him absorb so much of the world.


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