turkey cookies

Okay, making these "hand turkey" sugar cookies was one of the pre-Thanksgiving activities I had planned before Ethan became ill. Seeing as how he's been feeling so much better, I decided that belated hand turkey cookies were just as much fun as prompt hand turkey cookies.

A family friend of ours (shout-out to Miss Shirley!) had sent us a gift certificate to Chinaberry when Ethan was born. After careful deliberation, I had a cookie cutter made of Ethan's handprint! I knew right off the bat I just had to make hand turkey cookies with Ethan for Thanksgiving and, as long as I let him play with the spaghetti scooper, Ethan was up for the task!

So, our hand turkey cookies came a bit late but Ethan is pretty much the cutest culinary assistant on the planet and that has to excuse our tardiness, right?


  1. Thank you for your sweet comment over on my blog.
    I am now following you too. Your son is just so precious xx

  2. those are so cute!!

    and so happy ethan is feeling better. my nephew had to be on a nebulizer when he was really little (and still does sometimes!) and it was very scary and not fun at all. poor little guys!

  3. That is such a sweet idea! I'm glad to hear Ethan is feeling better!

  4. ok now that is just the cutest idea ever! I totally want to try Ethan's handprint cookies next time we see you guys :)

  5. How adorable are those! I love your blog :) I am a new follower of your blog and I can't wait to continue reading more.


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