blazing down that highway on my way to rock star land

Something was missing from our day today. Something felt out of place. That something? Kindermusik! Our session ended last week and as we patiently await late August for our next session to start, we realized our Tuesday was very much lacking music. We tried dancing but Ethan was too grouchy. We tried playing with Ethan's toy drum but he'd been there, done that.

An old Baby Bullet baby food storage container fell from the cabinet when I opened it to look for something. I opened the cabinet and found a second container. I filled one with dry lentils and the other with some water -- pink sugar added for fun -- and we made our own instruments. The next hour was filled with tons of shaking, dancing and epic rockstar vocals. Ethan very well may have been auditioning to take over for Steven Tyler.

Ethan would hand me the shaker with the lentils, showing me how to shake it by demonstrating with the water shaker..and then we'd swap and repeat. Eventually, Ethan was so enamored by the sounds he could make with these shakers that he just kept on walking around the house while shaking them. Why is this worth mentioning? Well, this is the child who doesn't willingly walk across the house without me holding his hand for moral support because his nerves get the best of him. He was a fearless rockstar this afternoon!

When he finished all the songs on his All-Star Living Room Tour repertoire, he decided that placing the shakers onto the cats and listening the sounds they made as they fell from their backs was just as cool. He's an innovative musician. I see a Grammy or two in his future.


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