i was having a sweet fix of a daydream of a boy

I was falling apart by this afternoon: two slips across wet tile, groceries I'd accidentally left in the car. Ethan and I set out in search of something exciting, fun, different -- something to do that wasn't tied to dwelling about the piles of laundry taunting me or the fact that the items off tonight's dinner menu had rotted away in the trunk of my car in the brutal Florida heat. We found a new children's bakery and decided to go decorate some cupcakes. Ethan took this job very seriously. Every once in a while, he'd stop to lick some of the icing off of the spatula and the cupcake itself, but then he'd fill in the spaces with more.

This activity probably came at the best time as just two days ago Ethan began expressing great interest in using utensils to feed himself. Months ago he declared that he planned on eating every meal with his fingers and would clamp his lips together so tight if I dared to attempt feeding him with a spoon or fork. Two days ago, he retired the whole hands-and-fingers routine and decided he'd only eat if I fed him with utensils. That slowly began to morph into him wanting to try it on his own, which I think was his fascination with decorating the cupcakes. He loved holding the utensils and spatulas himself.

In the end, we had two pretty perfect cupcakes that we decided to bring by as a surprise for Grandma and Grandpa...though I did decide that any master chef who can create such beautiful masterpieces deserves a little taste of his creations, no?


  1. Peanut goes back and forth on the utensils and finger eating - I swear, it's like I have one kid one day and a totally different one the next. Both very opinionated, which is just the way I like it ;)

  2. Glad to see that the cupcakes made your day all better! Yummy!


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