have you met ethan?

Ethan had a haircut today. No biggie. After all, this is his 6th or so. I always cringe when other parents ask me if he's had his first haircut yet because, well, Ethan inherited my knack for growing hair at insane and unnecessary speeds. We put off his first haircut until he could no longer see without pushing the hair from his eyes and the following five have been no less necessary. Let's just say that I may or may not have been pulling his hair up into a ponytail just to put this haircut off as long as possible. Ethan gets his hair cut by my awesome stylist because I'm pretty annoying about Ethan's hair. What I mean by that is I've had big plans for a son with shaggy, surfer dude hair since I found out that I was carrying a boy. The problem with Ethan's trademark surfer-dude shag is that it ends up in a ponytail within a few weeks because it just grows too quickly. My husband made the suggestion that we should just cut it all off. I think I had nightmares about this process the entire day, hoping some alternative would fall into my lap. So, naturally, when my awesome stylist disagreed with the shorter hair is easier and better theory, I was relieved.

I'm not sure how many of you watch How I Met Your Mother but my husband and I are obsessed with it. And as obsessed as we are with the show, I am obsessed with Ted's hair. That's along the lines of what Ethan left the salon with, though babied-down a bit, and I haven't stopped snapping pictures since. I'm pretty stoked about Ethan's new 'do, which I keep adoringly calling the "have you met Ted Ethan?" haircut. Those tousled little locks? Oh my. My heart is melting.

Once everyone tries to solidify themselves after turning to mush at the sight of my handsome little guy (it's hard to do, I know), can we talk about his new favorite things lately?

Ethan will tilt his head down as pictured and watch you intently. Your job during all of this is to look away, act confused and try to figure out (out loud) where Ethan went. He'll then spring his head back upright with the proudest look on his face and let out a crazy scream. There he is! There's Ethan! I think we played this game 7,000 times during dinnertime alone.

His other favorite thing right now is showing everyone his tongue. I don't even know how it started. He started developing an interest in the parts of the face over the last couple of weeks. For a while it was the nose and then it became the tongue that fascinated him the most. As of today, if you say Ethan, show me your tongue, he proudly sticks out his tongue to show it off.


  1. My little boy - just turned 1 - will do the exact same thing at the moment, tilting his head to the left to hide!! its so cute. And so is your little Ethan!

  2. So adorable. That last tongue picture kills me.

  3. lindsey, he is getting so big and he is so SO handsome!

  4. This whole post is soooooooooooooooo much cute!!

  5. I must say, he does have a nice head of hair!


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