wittlebee monthly kids clothing club review

I love the entire premise of Wittlebee. I love shopping for clothes for Ethan, don't get me wrong, but with him growing as quickly as he is, I was starting to feel like I was always at Target trying to find articles of clothing that would fit him. Let's face it, shopping for children's clothing can also get pretty expensive -- but that's nothing I have to explain to parents. Something tells me you already know. When I first heard of Wittlebee, I loved the concept immediately.

For those of you who haven't yet heard of Wittlebee, it's a monthly children's clothing club. What that means is for $39.99 per month, you receive a box of clothing for your child in their current size and favorite style. Even better? Each box contains over $100 worth of clothing. Best of all? Wittlebee uses clothes by some pretty fabulous designers, including some of my personal favorites: American Apparel, Small Paul/Paul Frank, Kenneth Cole Reaction, Calvin Klein, Baby GAP and more. Many more.

I'm also pretty picky about Ethan's clothing. I swore up and down when I found out that I was having a boy that he would never wear typical boy clothing. Of course, my what's acceptable and what's not acceptable lists get too overwhelming for just about anyone to remember so people rarely feel gutsy enough to buy Ethan clothing anymore. My favorite feature about Wittlebee is that I was able to design a style profile for Ethan so they knew what types of clothing to send. The process of creating a style profile is an intricate one and Wittlebee let me (obnoxiously) describe his style until I was blue in the face.

When Ethan's Wittlebee box arrived, I was excited to see how they'd do. Ladies and gentlemen? They nailed it. I had selected three style needs for Ethan and they captured them all.

The Hipster:

A snug-fitting American Apparel tee paired with a pair of Gioberti bicycle-print shorts? Yes please! Ethan was hip beyond all measure as he played trains and legos at (where else?) the bookstore.

The Rockstar:

Ethan was quite the rockstar at his Kindermusik graduation in his "Never Stop The Music" Kenneth Cole collared shirt and cool Calvin Klein denim shorts!

The Surfer Dude:

My absolute favorite style of choice for Ethan is the surfer look and Wittlebee sent us a great selection of laid back, beach bum clothing for my little surfer boy!

In addition to the fun and stylish new additions to Ethan's wardrobe, there is a lot that impressed me about Wittlebee. The clothing you receive each month is yours to keep but if you wish to send it back, Wittlebee will donate it to one of the LA-area charities they work with. How cool is that? Want to know something cooler? For every box of clothing shipped, Wittlebee also donates a onesie to a baby in need. Great ideas and great hearts, too.

Wittlebee also offers gift subscriptions which is a great idea for birthday gifts for kids who really don't need another toy!

Get $10 off your first order or learn more about Wittlebee here or on their Facebook page!


  1. This concept sounds amazing! I just might have to give it a try! Thanks so much for sharing =)

    1. It is seriously the coolest idea, I can't even get over it. So much fun to receive a box of really hip and fun clothes, and at such a value! There was definitely way over $100 worth of clothing in that box and all of it fit Ethan's style to the T!

  2. Thanks so much for this great review. So glad we nailed it! - Sean (Wittlebee CEO)

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