but i won't rot; not this mind and not this heart

Tropical Storm Isaac and it's 65 MPH winds are making an earlier than anticipated arrival here in South Florida. I'm fine with this new arrival time as thoughts of canceling my chiropractor appointment tomorrow morning were scarier than many of the images they've been showing on television so far. We're far enough away from where the storm is scheduled to hit, nestled just below Palm Beach county where schools aren't even canceled tomorrow, but zoned for the Miami-based news networks with their scary reports of evacuation shelters, water distribution stations and power outage counts. Basically, we've been going into this thing with conflicted reports and weather predictions. Will it become a hurricane? Will it stay a tropical storm? Will we lose power at all? Was it a total waste of time for me to brave the chaos of the grocery store yesterday to stock up on non-perishables and bottled water? Will the poor traffic girl ever get to dry off, go home and get a break from reporting live in Key West?

Right now we mostly have rain and enough wind so the trees aren't really staying still, but they're also nowhere near the point of bending or blowing around. Our sky becomes ominous, clears up until sunshine peaks through and then returns to a gloomy shade of gray. Between the media's hyped-up horror stories told through flashbacks of 1992's Hurricane Andrew and the meteorologist's occasional admission that we're not all going to be blown to shreds, I'm fairly certain that this is the worst we'll be seeing. And, really, Ethan sleeping in until after 8 o'clock this morning after 2 1/2 weeks of wake-ups at 6 a.m. at the latest really doesn't seem so bad. It's good sleeping weather, even Ethan knows that.

After a week of a sore back, sheer exhaustion and a lack of coffee causing me to complain through gritted teeth about having to cook dinner each night, I am admittedly relieved to get in the kitchen this evening and make something not out of a can or box. Good riddance, non-perishables.


  1. Oh Lindsay...I feel you too!
    I found two co-workers while shopping for groceries (not hurricane supplies) yesterday...all we asked for was a little rain and hopes to be off on Monday. Guess so far, we got what we wanted. I just wish there were other things to do besides watching the tube!
    Stay dry my friend!

    Andie's Traveling Pants

    1. I'm so upset that my husband didn't get tomorrow off! I bet Broward schools are kind of kicking themselves they canceled school now, though. It hasn't even rained up here for the last hour, maybe. We even went out to dinner tonight! Ack!

      You stay dry, too! Enjoy your Monday off! Hopefully the weather won't be so crummy.

  2. I hear ya! So annoying how they overreact on the news. I mean, clearly this thing was never even going to hit Tampa head on, but because of the convention here, it has been hyped up like nobody's business. All the schools are closed today. We had a lot of wind and rain last night that I heard and this morning it's pretty windy. I think we're in between bands right now. But still, pretty sure this is probably the worse it will get. I did all my grocery shopping for the week last Saturday (so I wouldn't have to drag two little girls out in the rain today) and you would think by the looks of the parking lot and the people running around like chickens with their heads cut off, it was the end of the world!!! I could NOT believe it. I'm all for being prepared just in case (heck, I even have a stash of bottled water, canned soup, and boxed milk), I just hate, hate, HATE the way the news will hype things up and scare people to death. I feel like I've lived in Florida long enough to realize when it's a real emergency and when the news is just overreacting. UGH.

  3. The news loves to soak up these storms! We are lucky it wasn't that big of a deal, but we do have a "hurricane" stash just in case!

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