i hear your voice calling me from a calendar anniversary

So, our night away from Ethan has come and gone. We arrived back yesterday in the late afternoon, remnants of sea salt stuck in my hair and a wicked sunburn for my poor husband who is never any match against the South Florida sun. Ethan was in the middle of eating lunch when we walked into my parent's house to retrieve him. He smiled, acknowledged "mommy" and "daddy" with a giggle, and then went right back into his bowl of pasta and tomato sauce. My mother exclaimed with genuine surprise how wonderful he was during his overnight stay, how she just rubbed his back for ten seconds and he was sound asleep -- sleeping thirteen hours, right through the night. His first sleepover and he slept better than he does at home on a good night. He was quick to tell us all of the fun things he did at Grandma's house, like taking his little matchbox cars into the bathtub or dancing with his Aunt Megan and "the boy" who lives in their garage (who is actually a skeleton statue, a leftover decoration from several Halloweens past). And as good as Ethan's overnight stay went, I'm happy to report that our little getaway went just as smoothly.

We stayed in a suite at the always-beautiful Crane's Beach House resort in Delray Beach, the same hotel we stayed in on our wedding night. It's funny how although we were only twenty-five minutes or so from home, we fell into the role of tourists easily. The burnt orange Mexican tile and the decorative netting draped across the bed -- it was so easy to forget we really lived here and sink into the role of tourist, drowning in all of the tropical South Florida goodness.

You know, like the thunderstorms that had us evacuated from the beach on Wednesday, running back to our hotel in sandy flip-flops in the rain, lightning lighting up the sky.

But also like South Florida, the skies stayed clear for a little while and we were able to walk the avenue downtown.

It was a beautiful two days, one night, playing tourist in our favorite getaway hotel with my husband. Any anxiety or fear that I had going into our first parents-only trip quickly dissolved -- which isn't to say there wasn't a lot of "oh, Ethan would love that waterfall/pool/fountain/bird/lizard/store/ice cream/restaurant (and so on)" or a lot of moments spent aww-ing over each photo my mother would text me of Ethan enjoying his food, playing with his cars, cuddled up in a fluffy towel after his bubblebath. There was a lot of that, but there were also plenty of reminders that he was happy and likely didn't notice we were gone. And there was also the fact it was nice to get away and escape everyday life and it's accompanying chaos with my husband and spend time together, just us, in the most beautiful city in the world, celebrating our anniversary together.

I'm also feeling a little invincible since we came back.


  1. glad you had a good trip! how far do you live from boynton beach? I'll be there in a few weeks!

    1. That's so exciting! You'll have to let me know when you're here! I'm not that far from Boynton at all, maybe a half hour max?

  2. Glad you had a great time! It's nice to know you can do that so easily (jealous of how close you to live to that beach!) and it's really good to dothat now and then to remember your pre-mommy self. That "boy in the garage" thing is hilarious BTW.

  3. Sounds like you two had a lovely little weekend getaway! I'm glad you both had a great time, and it sounds like Ethan had a lot of fun, too. :)

  4. Good for you for getting away with your husband! It's so important to reconnect - need to do something like this. :)

  5. Wow such a lovely place!!
    Fun for you (:
    I follow for more!



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