tot school - letter e - 23 months

Ugh, E week. I don't even want to post about it. (Also, don't flip out -- there is an Iron & Wine record sitting in the Eminem vinyl sleeve pictured above. It gave me another "E" album to display without, you know, actually playing what was supposed to be there. Bases, covered.) Anyway, E week was a total bust. I gave it a two week run in hopes Ethan would be all typical fickle toddler and decide he loved it the next week but this wasn't the way things ended up going. He begged to go to Tot School and when we walked into the room, he gave me the toddler version of "ugh, not this stuff again" by throwing himself down on the floor and whining "no more eagle. No! More! Eagle!" I'm pretty overjoyed to see E week go -- and when Ethan wakes up tomorrow, I'm sure he will be as well.

The Ethan Photo Matching tray was the only one he'd tolerate. I'd venture to say he enjoyed this one, but there were only so many times he could do it in a row without getting all frustrated and annoyed by it's sheer existence.

Yeah, so the Eagle egg tray was what I anticipated to be his favorite, but such was not the case. There were baby eagles marked with capital and lowercase letter E's, and Ethan had to match the appropriate egg to the little hatchlings. He hated this activity.

These Ethan puzzles, he refused to touch. They were fun pictures of Ethan sliced diagonally for him to match up together. He had no interest in them other than to express his annoyance with the fact the pictures had a "booboo." I was really excited for E week for all of the Ethan activities we could do, but Ethan didn't share my excitement.

The big and little E eggs tray would be considered a success, as far as E week trays went. I had labeled some large plastic eggs with a capital E and some smaller ones with a lowercase and placed them in a basket next to a big box (E) and a small box (e). Ethan's job was to match the capital eggs with the capital box and vice versa. He understood the concept but wanted no part in following the rules after the first time and spent most of the week shoving as many eggs as he could in whichever box he wanted until they were stuck -- and cue tantrum.

I was sure he'd love the sensory bin but again it was a bust. I had included a lot of fun E items that I had been collecting including some of his Aunt Megan's silly clip-on earrings from when she was a preteen. I thought he'd love those -- and clipping them onto ET -- but he didn't. The only part of this bin he enjoyed was an empty CD case to the "Elf" soundtrack that I found in a drawer at my mom's house, go figure.


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  1. Keep your chin up, Henry does this to me too. I dont really know if it's him or me that is more frustrated. For Henry, its usually a sign that he needs a week off of tot school, like a vacation. We just took one of those last week and I'm hoping his mood improves this week. Might be worth a try if the crabbiness/ambivalence continues.

  2. Haha been there! Some weeks my kiddo can't get enough, others he's practically offended at the suggestion of doing tot school. What I love about most of these activities is that you can put them away and 'recycle' them in a few months, since you can always make small modifications to keep them age-appropriate. Of course he didn't like the letter E b/c his name starts with it. Of course not!


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