mother's day at the zoo

It's hard to believe that yesterday was my second mother's day as a mother. On one hand, it feels like time is flying by at insane speeds. On the other hand, I can't even remember a time when Ethan wasn't the center of my world. All I wanted for Mother's Day was for my husband to get Ethan dressed and buckle him into his car seat (two of his least favorite activities these days) and I wanted to turn my brain off and just take a two hour nap in the afternoon. Mother's Day certainly delivered -- and my husband took Ethan to do this week's grocery shopping, which helped to make my day. It's the little things.

We spent Mother's Day morning at the Palm Beach Zoo with my parents and sister. In the short time I've been a mother myself, my mom and I have started this little tradition to spend the morning together doing something that interests us both. Since this is a pretty slim avenue to choose from (I still love you, mom!), we tend to choose places that likely appeal to Ethan most of all. Last year, we went to the Miami Seaquarium. This year, it was the Palm Beach Zoo. I was pretty excited to take Ethan to the zoo, since he hadn't been since he was four months old and we attended Boo At The Zoo prior to his first Halloween. We arrived early enough to beat the crowds and most of the heat, so it ended up being a nice time.

Ethan says his favorite part of the zoo was seeing "George move". (All monkeys are Curious George, of course!) I'm not sure why we don't have a zoo membership, but I'm pretty sure we should remedy that. Ethan had a great time, minus when we made him get out of the splash fountain in the center of the zoo.

To all the mommies reading this, I hope you all had a special day!


  1. we usually go to the zoo on mother's day since it's something we all like. this year it's harder for me to walk around due to my recent surgery, so we didn't go. looks like you had a fun time!

  2. What a perfect mother's day!! I HATE grocery shopping, so that would be the BEST to have my hubs pack up the baby and go run errands for me, ha ha!
    I wish we had a zoo near by! The closest is 4 hours away :(


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