memorial day barbecue snapshots

I have found that I've been bringing my actual camera out less and less lately, since the addition of an iPhone into our everyday lives. I equal parts hate this realization -- you know, something about selling out, or something -- and willingly accepting defeat. After all, when you're lugging a thirty-five pound toddler who feels that I may change my mind about having to leave the park if he screams and flails with all of his might, it's easier to shove a phone in your pocket rather than juggle a camera in the mix, too.

Hazelnut cake frosted with nutella

The only way the teenager wishes to be photographed these days

My husband returned back to work today after nearly a week off. It's a little strange to not have him here this morning and I was half-expecting Ethan to react poorly to the realization that daddy once again had to walk out the door and disappear for ten hours but he handled it with grace and ease. It's funny, really, as temperamental and oftentimes irrational that toddlers can be, they're pretty great at skipping the whole awkward-transition thing. Like nothing had been different in recent days, Ethan and I sunk back into our standard morning routine: an hour of tot school, a trip to the park, lunchtime with extra peanut butter on his peanut butter sandwich.

Today has been a good day, even with the rain and humidity and the mud stains on the soles of little shoes. We made chocolate pudding and tried on silly hats at Target and pretended like the clouds weren't gray and thunder wasn't rolling up in the dim, dark sky. My heart feels so very full today.


  1. Ooh now I'm craving baked sweet potato! :) x

  2. Looks like a great BBQ! I am hungry now! Fun pictures :)

  3. Oh my goodness, this sweet boy and his lovely locks. And the chalk covered toes. I am dying. I would also very much love to eat that nutella cake. Awesome pictures.


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