on this day, in 2009...

...I had the honor of marrying the love of my life.

When you start dating as two love-struck fifteen year olds, you end up spending a bulk of your day-to-day life proving people wrong. On May 23rd, 2009, we proved everyone wrong who guessed we wouldn't make it past junior year of high school, because young love never lasts. Not only can young love last, but it can flourish and turn into the most beautiful life I could ever imagine living. Every shred of adolescent hurt, every good fight we ever put up against the world, every bit of planning in our two-year engagement -- it was all worth it. I'd do it all over again if given the chance.

Today I'm busy celebrating the marriage that I dreamed of since I was fifteen years old and first made eye contact with the tall boy in argyle socks. I just want to say happy 4th wedding anniversary to the love of my life and here's to many more wonderful years in our wonderful life together -- and here's a true wedding photo overload for good measure.

Photographs by the fabulous Debra Weisheit Photography of Jupiter, Florida.


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! Your wedding dress is hands down the BEST dress I have ever seen. Better than my own. You two had a beautiful wedding and you have an even more beautiful story. What a gift it is to be married to someone who knows you for who you were and who you are today. I wish you MANY more years of love and happiness.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! You look gorgeous and I looove your venue and details! What a fairy tale day!

  3. Happy Anniversary. That cake looks AMAZING!!

  4. Happy anniversary! You were such a beautiful bride!

  5. Wishing you so much joy on your anniversary! So glad that you shared photos of your special day - breathtaking! xx

  6. Aw! Happy anniversary! I love reading about other high school sweethearts - I also married my high school boyfriend, while we were at uni (much to some negative comments about getting married young etc) and we're still going strong 9 years later! Hope you have a great day celebrating (and lovely pics - you were a gorgeous bride!)

  7. Your dress is gorgeous! And the venue looked amazing!


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