boo at the zoo!

Yesterday we attended Boo At The Zoo at our local zoo, the Palm Beach Zoo at Dreher Park. I've said it before but I'll say it again: the holidays are so much fun when you have a little one! Since it's the start of Ethan's first holiday season, we're taking the opportunity to participate in all sorts of holiday events. I was already excited for Boo At The Zoo but even more excited when the weather proved to be cool, breezy and perfect!

I originally anticipated more of our warm weather so I decided to make Ethan a little dalmatian puppy instead of his "official" Halloween costume (which is a bit on the warm side). Sticking with the animal theme, I was a bunny and my amazing sport of a husband had no qualms with donning toddler-sized lion ears and going as a lion. We entered Ethan in a costume contest which he lost to a toddler dressed as a Royal Guard but it's okay, because I'm pretty sure every zoo-goer stopped to fawn over how cute he looked as a little puppy. (He did make a pretty adorable puppy.) Since we entered the costume contest, he got to walk around the fountain in the Halloween parade which made the whole thing worth it. His face was totally priceless as he tried to figure out why we were walking around in circles and why everyone was dressed so silly!

It was most definitely an amazing day. Ethan got in lots of trick-or-treating practice and got to see so many exciting animals! The holidays just become so magical when you have a child to share it all with and watch them take in all of the things that make the holidays so special and different.


  1. You guys are so cute. Looks like it was lots of fun.

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  3. New Follower! Found you on the weekend blog hop.

    Great photos! I love the holidays with my little ones as well.

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  6. What a cute family you have!! These are adorable pictures. Looks like y'all had a great time at the zoo!

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