can you still feel the butterflies?

This morning Ethan and I went to Butterfly World. The weather lately has been beyond perfect and today was no exception. It was the first time in as long as I can remember that we were able to spend the day outside without producing a droplet of sweat. Ethan loved Butterfly World. I carried him in the Ergo for most of the time, carried him from time to time and let him sit in his stroller for a little while, too. Despite where or how he was seated, I'm pretty sure his eyes were fixed upwards the entire time. His little look of wonder as he watched the small birds and butterflies flutter around his head -- along with all of the bright foliage and flowers blowing in the breeze -- was too cute. I love watching him when he has that inquisitive little stare, like he's just absorbing so much of this magical world.

We spent close to two hours at Butterfly World, which included spending a great deal of time rocking on a wooden rocking bench underneath a shady tree in the flower garden. This bench is located just to the right of the macaws and Ethan jumped each time they squawked. He was equally as unamused when we went up to visit the raucous birds. He much prefers the tiny finches and hummingbirds to their larger (and louder) avian counterparts.

We visited the Bug Zoo and I had my first taste of what it means to be a mother to a boy. I'm not a squeamish person by any means but I would much prefer watching the butterflies or birds than Ethan's favorite creature of the day, this guy right here:

Oh, boy, did Ethan find him fascinating. We spent nearly ten minutes just sitting in front of his exhibit and watching him slowly creep around his habitat, his furry legs stretching out onto the glass. The majority of the spiders at the Bug Zoo at Butterfly World are not kept in cages but freely roaming the walls next to signs that say "if you don't touch us, we won't touch you." The Bug Zoo is not my favorite exhibit, if not only for the reason that Ethan's beloved tarantula is located directly next to a tank filled with cockroaches.

After five whole rounds through the butterfly garden, Ethan's eyes still wouldn't break their stare up towards the sky where tons of brightly colored butterflies fluttered above his head. He decided he just couldn't nap with so much to look at which resulted in an overtired meltdown as we fled for the exit. He was asleep the second his seat clicked into the base.

It was a fantastic way to spend a few hours and something I plan on doing again soon, especially as the weather continues to cool off a bit. I renewed my annual pass hoping that Ethan continues his interest in Butterfly World for a little while longer, even if it means sitting in front of the tarantula for what feels like forever!


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  2. Gorgeous photographs! Looks like such a good time :)


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