and in this perfect weather, we'll find a place together

The weather was something out of a dream today. I heard rumors of a cold front rapidly approaching South Florida but still was hesitant to believe these rumors. I checked the weather and was surprised out of my mind to see temperatures in the low to mid 70's, a far cry from the temperatures in the upper 90's we've been stuck with. I knew that today's agenda just had to consist of something outdoors, something where Ethan and I could breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the weather while it lasted.

Naturally, we went to Butterfly World. I have an annual pass in hopes the weather grows cool like it was today. While it feels like just yesterday I was taking Ethan on his first visit to Butterfly World, a significant amount had changed. He was now sitting in his "big boy stroller," no longer tethered to the infant seat that he had grown to despise. And, really, he was a big boy these days, a far cry from the newborn that I brought home from the hospital just four short months ago. I'll spare you the long, emotional tirade about the fact my little boy keeps growing at a rate faster than I'm comfortable with because most of you reading this are moms and you know where I'm coming from.

Following suite with his last visit -- his first visit -- to Butterfly World, Ethan was clear about his infatuation with the tarantula in the Bug Zoo. He polished off a bottle as we sat by the lake, enjoyed the cool breeze and waited for the Lorikeet exhibit to open. This was my bad idea of the day. I should have stayed in the Bug Zoo, watching the cockroaches and tarantulas devour their prey much to Ethan's astonishment rather than develop the well-meaning idea that Ethan would love to feed the Lorikeets. I held him in my arms and handed the exhibit guide a dollar for the food. Ethan watched as the Lorikeets hopped onto my shoulder with his best "I'll give this a fair shot" expression. After about five seconds, he thought about it and decided this was not at all his idea of fun. He began screaming so loud that the Lorikeets flew off equally as horrified. We went back to the Bug Zoo. He forgave me and my good intentions. I bought him a shirt that says Cute As A Bug with bugs on it, representing his favorite part of Butterfly World: the Bug Zoo.

I strapped my not-so-itty-bitty-baby into his convertible seat (we officially said "buhbye" to the infant seat yesterday! Excuse me while I go cry in the corner that my little baby just keeps on growing up!) and we headed home where he passed out for two hours. (See also: the longest nap he's agreed to take for quite some time.) The fresh air often is the greatest medicine of all and even though the weather reports predict our local temperatures to start creeping up again as soon as tomorrow morning, I'm officially eager for the winter. Or, you know, the semblance of winter we get here in Florida.

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  1. This is such a cute post! Sounds like you had a great day, despite the lorikeets lol. I live off the gulf coast of Florida, and we've been experiencing the cold front here too. I agree, It's been such a wonderful reprieve :)


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