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Ethan filmed his very first television segment today!

Okay, let me pull out the obligatory backstory. My dad kind of has a unique career: he has a television show that airs on the Versus network. Maybe it wasn't so cool when I was in middle school and the boys I had crushes on would show up to school wearing his t-shirts, but now that I'm an adult, it's pretty cool. Among the many irons he has in the proverbial fire and his crazy whirlwind schedule, my dad has always been a daddy. Now that Ethan has arrived, my dad is both a daddy and a grandpa above everything else. In addition to just filming a television show about fishing in the Florida Keys, my dad tacked on an extra segment on enjoying family time with his grandson, soaking up the Florida Keys and all nature has to offer. It was a long two hour drive to our destination but Ethan couldn't have cared less about the drive. He had a blast with his grandpa and observing all of the sea creatures that he has such an affinity for. (I totally made the right decision when I decided use an ocean theme for his nursery!)

We had a blast filming today and the weather cooperated perfectly (which says a lot, considering right now we're on the receiving end of the remnants of a tropical storm). First up was Theater Of The Sea where Ethan was given a special backstage tour -- which led to receiving a kiss from a dolphin! Ethan intently watched the dolphin show and was completely mesmerized by all of the turtles and parrotfish swimming in the lagoons. We filmed the second part of the segment at Robbie's -- an Islamorada staple -- where Ethan helped his grandpa feed the gigantic tarpon who reside at the marina!

It was such a fantastic day and so much fun watching Ethan not just wrap up his very first television episode, but interact with a dolphin and swim with parrotfish -- all at the ripe old age of four months! I'll most definitely keep everyone up to date as to when his episode airs, though I'm fairly certain it will be late December or early January as his episode is the one to kick off the latest season.

My son, the television superstar, is now sleeping soundly. It was a long day of dolphin kisses and fish feeding and snuggles with grandpa but a great day!

Ethan's Wardrobe Provided By...
Fishing hat: Love, Oma Handmade Children's Hats
Outfit: L.A. Art & Stitches


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  2. Neat, looks like fun was had by all. I hopped over from the Friday blog hop to become your newest GFC follower and would love if you stopped by to check out my blog at kittycrochettwo.blogspot.com. have a fantastic weekend!

  3. How cool!!!! Great photos too. Thanks so much for sharing them with us! I found you on the Follower's Fest and am now following you. I hope you'll take the time to check out my blog as well and follow if you find something you like.

  4. How fun!

    When I saw your blog header, I had an audible intake of breath! What a gorgeous photo of a beautiful baby!

    I'm your newest follower. Please stop by and say hi.

  5. coming from the follower fest ... love all your pictures ... and your lil guy is a doll!

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