you're the one i want to be with when the sun goes down

I've been missing in action around here but I promise it's for good reason.

We've had a freak bout of beautiful weather down here in South Florida and Ethan and I have been taking advantage of the cool breeze by spending as much time as possible outdoors. We've added late afternoon walks to our agenda, stopping to feed the ducks and waterbirds along the way. We've spent hours at various local parks, swinging on the swings or enjoying the breeze by way of a carousel.

The cooler weather has been such a welcomed surprise as well as an excuse to bust out the Crawler Covers and long sleeves. As is customary in unpredictable South Florida, we're not sure how long this will last, but we're most definitely going to enjoy it.


  1. New follower from the link-up.

    Your little man is a doll baby!

  2. You little guy is precious! Found you thru Followers Fest. You can check out my hut sometime :) http://www.dancingwithmysavior.com/

  3. well in nashville it is cold so we are hunkered (wow, did i really write that word) and have flannel on!!! glad ou are enjoying the nice weather, i am over from the blog hop and am a new follower! glad i found you. :-)


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