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Today is the 22nd and that means that I am now a mommy to a four month old. It's cliche and overdone, but still I'm not sure where the time went. It seems that it was just yesterday my water broke as I stood in the bathroom at my parents' house. It seems that it was just yesterday when the doctors called out, "dad, get ready with the camera!" followed by a long wave of newborn baby cries. It's really mindblowing to think that it's already been four months!

We have Ethan's four month check-up with his pediatrician on Monday and I'm already preparing a list of things I want to discuss with her. He is in this developmentally rich time in his life, each day opening another door to another phase. I now have a child who is alert and soaking up so much of the world on a daily basis. He spends so much of the day laughing and learning, smiling as he discovers so much of what we as adults take for granted.

It seems that the fragile newborn has left and been replaced with a precocious child who loves to laugh, has an affinity for Fleetwood Mac and an extreme distaste for birds. He spends storytime and mommy & me classes immersed in the music and studying the room, fascinated by all of the children who are also engulfed in song.

My favorite part of having a four month old -- aside from the daily adventures as no two days come close to resembling one another -- are the belly laughs. The ones where he laughs so hard that he squishes his chin into his chest as if he's suddenly become coy and timid; bashful, even. There are parts of having a four month old that I can't share the same fluttery feeling of love for: teething and Ethan's newfound abhorrence for the carseat. Teething has rendered Ethan unable to spend fifteen minutes without shoving his fists into his mouth, letting out a miserable cry as he pushes at his gums. We've replaced pacifiers (which Ethan has no interest in any longer) with teething chews in the diaper bag. A Teething Bling necklace has become part of my daily wardrobe.

Ethan is in a size three in his diapers. He's wearing 6 month or 6-9 month clothing, depending on the size and the fit. As of a few days ago, he's officially said goodbye to his infant seat and is now solely in his convertible seat! It's still eerie to peak in the backseat and see him sitting in a Britax Roundabout 55 instead of the Keyfit 30 we brought him home from the hospital in, but I'm trying to accept the fact my little guy is growing up and has no desire to lay like a baby in his infant seat anymore. On that same note, he has started to love stroller rides now that the infant seat is no longer involved...and prefers to face the outside world, to soak it all in, rather than me. I won't take it personally!

Life is a constant adventure these days but in the very best sense. These days I wake up with a desire to see what the day brings, to watch him learn and blossom and develop as he grows up (albeit oh so quickly!) in front of my eyes.


  1. Beautiful! I have teenagers with 2 graduating high school this year and leaving for college.. I still don't know where the time went! Each day is precious.. enjoy them all.

    New follower from "Say Hi Sunday."

  2. Oh my goodness. You're baby boy is sooo adorable!

  3. Congratulations, he looks adorable, and quite happy!

  4. Isn't it scary how fast they grow up?

  5. Oh. My. Goodness to both of these last two posts. Ethan is so stinking CUTE!!

  6. so cute my little guy was born on the 21st they are a day apart:)

  7. what a CUTIE! Love those cheeks!

  8. My goodness, he is adorable!!!
    New follower from the Fest :)

  9. Absolutely adorable!

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