recharging my sanity.

Today was a day where you just felt the tiredness all over. It was a day of chaos and rain and teething and downright insanity.

Ethan has decided, at random, that he despises being in the car. He will not tolerate it and isn't afraid to scream his throat raw if he is forced to sit in the car for more than five seconds. This is something that can only be remedied by someone sitting in the backseat with him, something that I obviously cannot do while driving the car. What this is means is that I must stop repeatedly, pulling into Starbucks parking lots and entertaining him until he falls back asleep. What this means is that it takes us quadruple the length of time than anticipated to get anywhere. And what that means is I probably shouldn't have accepted my husband's offer for us to come have lunch with him at his new office this afternoon. Before I knew it, a twenty minute drive had become three hours and it was nearly dinnertime by the time my exhausted and screamed-out child and I stepped foot back into our home.

I laid him down on the couch and began to unroll a swaddle blanket on the loveseat in preparation for his afternoon nap. Within seconds, he had fallen asleep. My nightmarish car passenger had morphed into a slumbering, sweet, angelic baby in just two minutes time. I decided that his swaddle could wait and, instead, held him in my arms for just a few minutes. I felt the stress of the day begin to melt away with each breath he took and with each kiss that I sneaked upon his forehead.

As was the trend today, a few minutes turned into a couple of hours. I woke up first, noting that we had fallen asleep for nearly two hours and then felt his breath on my cheek. His left fist was holding a lock of my hair and his right arm was flung over my chest. It was probably the most refreshing sleep I've had in some time.

I'm aware that this immense hatred of the car is just one of many phases that I will have the opportunity to experience alongside Ethan as he figures out life. I'm fairly confident it's one of those things that one day I will look back on and smile about when he's graduating college or walking down the aisle on his wedding day. For now? I'm willing to sacrifice car rides anywhere for cuddled up quiet time on the couch. My sanity needs to be recharged.


  1. oh man....it's the worst when they scream their heads off in the car. willow went through this for a good few months. it could be a 2 minute car drive home from my parents house and she would make it the most miserable, want to rip my ears off of my head, two minutes of my life!!!!!! i was convinced she would never grow out of it and we would never be able to go on a trip anywhere in the car because none of us would be able to handle it! hahaha....it seems like an eternity when you are in the middle of it, but you will get through it :) what a patient mama you have been! i would reward myself with a starbucks treat every time i had to pull into the parking lot of i were you ;)

  2. My son went through that too! He will get through it...I drove from Florida to Chicago with my son (in two days) and this toy helped keep him very entertained...


    Maybe that will help!

  3. THANK YOU for your lovely, beautiful and heart-felt comment on my blog :). I am SO glad you followed me and I am even happier that I get to now follow you :). Your son is precious, you are gorgeous, and I got to be your 400th follower!. How cool is that?!. Looking forward to getting to know you better, and i'll be looking for you on facebook too ;)

  4. Fortunately none of my kids ever went through a phase where they didn't want to ride in the car. Bless your heart! I hope this phase doesn't last too much longer.

    Thanks for visiting. I am a new follower.

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