i've been waiting for you and me to watch this world from a window seat

Ethan attended his first parade today! It was my former high school's homecoming parade. It's not that I suddenly garnered up all this late-blooming school spirit even though I do have the slightest sentimental attachment to my former alma mater as the place where I met my husband all those years ago. My little sister is now a freshman and as a member of the dance team, she would be walking in the parade.

Ethan was happy to be there to cheer on Aunt Megan and her friends!


  1. I can't get over how big he has gotten! I love his hair. Such a cute messy 'do. Ah, and the picture of him and his little tongue sticking out as he smiles -- I just want to pinch his little cheeks!!!!! Your little boy is absolutely gorgeous :o)


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