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Today's guest blogger is Marian from My 2 Jobs!

Hi! My name is Marian and I’m so excited to be guest blogging here at You Are The Roots! Lindsay is such a fabulous blogger (as we all know) and it’s fun to catch up on her life and experiences! I come from my blog which is a reflection of my life as a working mother.

"My 2 Jobs" really gives me a way to let others know that my first and most important job is being a mother to a wonderful perfect little girl named Sophia. Second to that is my working job. Sophia was born recently, in late July, and the months on maternity leave have flown by. During the working hour I am a certified public accountant; after work I am 100% mom. I try to showcase my life, the good, the bad, and the ugly in a way that hopefully other working moms can relate to.

I considered all of the options of potentially staying at home, but staying at home and working each had their pros and cons. Being a stay at home mom is by far no easy task, which is why I finally agreed on heading back into the working world. Let me share with you a couple things I have learned this past month while back at work:
  • Your child will always choose the day you have that early morning meeting, or when you are running late to decide to have an explosion in their diaper as you are walking out the door...always.
  • Your co-workers will hear non stop about how much sleep you’re NOT getting.
  • The word poo is a common word in your daily vocabulary.
  • The after work happy hour that you used to frequent is never on your mind, as you can’t stand to be away from your child another minute of the day.
  • When carpooling to lunch or an afternoon meeting, you never drive people because you always tell coworkers, "I have a car seat base in the back."
  • Being able to eat a full lunch without the sound of crying will make you so happy, you may cry.
  • There has been a day where you came to work with two different socks on (okay who am I kidding, I did this before I had a child)
  • A day where you don’t have some type of drool/spit up on your nice office attire is rare, or nonexistent.
  • The framed pictures of your pets you have had on your desk for years have almost instantly changed to those of your child.
  • When you turn on your ipod to listen to some tunes at work, the Pandora Disney station is on queue.

Blogging about my real life experience as a working mom allows me a way to relieve my stress, capture my thoughts, my moments, and find closure and purpose for each day. Have a story you want to share? A question about being a working mom, or advice for others out there? E-mail me at AdventuresOfAWorkingMom@gmail.com and your question/advice may be used in my next blog!

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  1. It's so much harder being a working mom. Yes, staying home is hard, but when I used to work, I just remember how much more exhausted I was and how difficult it was to pit in even an extra second of work when the day was over. I definitely don't take staying home for granted!


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