sensory swamp bin

We are still living with my parents for a still unknown length of time while we wait for our housing disaster to be fixed and I am trying to keep Ethan's life as close to normal as possible. This means I have rigged a makeshift tot school classroom on my mother's dining room table next to my sister's bin of make-up and am just trying to go with it and figure out something that works until we can be back home. When I found big bags of craft sand in my mom's guest room closet (I want to go out on a limb here and say they're probably there from back when I was eight years old and sand art was all the rage, which makes it clear where I inherit my hoarding skills from) I couldn't wait to figure out a fun way to use them. Because toddlers totally have the best imaginations, Ethan offered up his Spiderman action figure and said that it wanted to swim in the sand...so we went from there.

First we filled a bin with the craft sand. You're going to want to specifically use craft sand for this activity to get the right consistency, but it's totally inexpensive and a lot of fun anyway.

Next, we added some water until the craft sand was outnumbered by water.

The cool part about craft sand is that it doesn't absorb water and get all muddy like regular sand. It simply gets wet and also separates nicely from the water. Ethan liked when we lifted up the bin and saw the marbles and sea glass I'd dropped in sitting at the bottom of the water. He used his hands and a measuring scoop to reach in and scoop them out.

And, like he had planned from the get go, Spiderman enjoyed swimming in our sensory swamp, too.


  1. oh no! i hope you get back in your house soon! In the mean time at least Ethan gets extra grandma time! I don't remember much about craft sand so I'm glad I read this, it sounds perfect to substitute water in their water tables for the winter :)

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