sponsor spotlight: tickle me plant

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Ethan and I love Tickle Me Plant! We grew our first one last December during green week in tot school and loved it so much we included them in his party favor bags at his 2nd birthday party!

Aside from the sheer awesomeness that this plant moves when you tickle it, there are a lot of great things that make Tickle Me plant awesome:

- It grows all year indoors (and outdoors in the summer). If you're facing some cool temperatures, no need to worry -- your Tickle Me Plant will still grow indoors.
- It's also guaranteed to grow! This was reassuring for me who can't grow anything, but still managed to grow one sweet Tickle Me Plant.
- Each seed packet contains 10-20 seeds. This means you can grow many Tickle Me Plants with your seed packet!
- These are great for classroom experiments or curious little minds. Do certain sounds make the Tickle Me Plant move? How about music? There are so many awesome experiments for all ages that can be done with your Tickle Me Plant!

Tickle Me Plant not only sells seed packets but some great growing kits, sets and books, too! Receive a free Ten TickleMe Plant Activities and Fun Experiment Ideas card with every order!

Visit Tickle Me Plant's website for more information and check out their online store to start shopping!


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