the yellow room

It's funny how much your life can completely change in just a few hours. That sounds dramatic. Maybe it is a little dramatic. All I know is last night we were all asleep in our warm, cozy beds enjoying my husband's vacation week from work and making plans to spend a day up on the beach in Jupiter. You know, swimming in the Intracoastal, the warm, cool blue water, wading among the mangroves with Ethan on his first trip to our favorite swimming spot. We woke up this morning and the pieces started to unravel bit by bit. Tonight, we officially moved into my old bedroom at my parents house.

When I lived in this room in high school, the walls were a deep magenta hue. My friends and I stuck our hands in purple paint and stamped purple handprints across the walls, scribbling phrases like "the time to hesitate is through" over the doorway. It drove my mother crazy and she wasted no time repainting and pulling up the deep purple carpet when I moved out. It seems this poor room has some kind of curse where it receives little to no natural light and is always painted an unfortunately dark and offensive color on top of it all. And now, a decade later, I'm back sleeping in it along with my husband and our two year old.

We noticed water leaking in our laundry room. Then we noticed water leaking in our garage. My husband noticed the baseboards on one of our walls was turning yellow from water damage and called a plumber. It turns out that a pipe had burst inside our walls. As a result, there was mold and mildew growing inside of the walls. You see, when we bought our house, the previous owners had built this little handy sink in the laundry room. We always thought it was a random little sink and never found a use for it but never thought much about it, let alone that they installed it poorly and the pipes inside the wall were destroyed because of it. Over the course of today, our house started to look a little bit like this:


It takes a few days to dry the walls. From there, we actually have to replace our walls in the hallway (you know, the hallway that runs the bulk of my house), the kitchen and the garage. Right now our house is unlivable. In a few days, it will have no walls. It's all pretty sudden, and pretty upsetting, especially considering our house is pretty new. In fact, I'm fairly certain it's one of the newest communities in our entire city. It hadn't even existed for a decade before we moved in. I'm upset because, well, tot school is there and Ethan has been asking for activities and he doesn't understand suddenly being uprooted. Plus, it's not like it was possible to prepare for this. Aside from bringing over a couple of grocery bags of clothing and toothbrushes, we didn't exactly have time to pack. I miss our home already and our routine. I already miss morning smoothies and spending time making art and listening to music in tot school.

It's a little frustrating, a little depressing and a whole lot stressful to think about at this point, but we're trying to make the best of it. At least we have homeowner's insurance and at least my parents live a less than ten minute drive away from us. I can only hope that this all moves quickly, smoothly and we're back in our home sweet home in no time. I promise to never complain again about how messy or tiny our house is. I miss it.


  1. Oh my goodness!!! I cannot imagine. Praying things are repaired quickly and you're home is better than new when you return!

  2. oy vey! thank goodness for having family close by!

  3. You totally look like Kate Middleton (duchess) in that pic! Sorry to hear about your house, mold is scary!


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