the ethan's eats feature is back

When Ethan was freshly off purees, I created an Ethan's Weekly Eats feature to share all of the healthy, fun recipes that made up his first official meals. As he got older and started eating what we eat instead of specially prepared meals, the feature sort of faded off the face of the planet. For the past few weeks, I've been sharing photos of Ethan's Easy Lunchboxes lunches on Instagram and occasionally people will ask what everything is. Then, you know, I had the genius idea to bring the feature back only now with Ethan's big boy lunches.

I don't pack his lunch everyday, but most days I do. We're on the go a lot and I love having it ready in the event we spontaneously stop at the park or plan some kind of outing that would otherwise have to be cut short for a hungry toddler. (Because, you know, Ethan always wants to stay for open play at My Gym but three seconds after it ends, he realizes he's starving.)

Here's what Ethan's lunches have looked like this past week:

Hummus sandwich, peach slices, cheese, applesauce, hummus with yellow peppers and carrots.

Hummus sandwich with tomatoes, applesauce, string cheese, raisins, whole wheat crackers and hummus.

Peanut butter sandwich, banana, yogurt with chia seeds, grapes, cheese, carrots and tomatoes.

Ethan had a friend over so there was double the cute lunch this day. Hummus sandwiches, carrots, banana, cheese, Edamame, crackers, hummus and a Cascadian Farms granola bar half.

Hummus sandwich roll-ups, orange slices, raisins, cheese, tomatoes and hummus.

Cream cheese roll-up sandwich, watermelon, hummus, carrots, tomatoes and cheese.


  1. that is so cute! I pack Anna a lunch for her little mommy and me class, so I'm always looking for ideas. The craziest thing about that kid is she doesn't do sandwiches which severely limits my options. It's the wackiest thing because I love sandwiches, and if i'm eating one she'll take bites, but if i pack it, she picks off the meat and cheese and does little turkey rolls leaving the bread behind.

  2. Oh my gosh - I want those lunches (though I think I would need larger portions). Don't you just love those segmented containers? I have several, and it is so great to fix several days worth of lunch for myself and just grab and go in the morning.


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