introducing the 2014 blogathon: blogging to remember

Each year I participate in a 24-hour Blogathon. This means I blog once every half hour for 24 hours straight while people pledge donations to my charity -- much like a walkathon or marathon. I was initially going to take a year off from the Blogathon this year due to having a newborn but, of course, that isn't the way things are going to work this year. Instead, I am taking Wylie's name and memory and working towards something beautiful during the 2014 Blogathon.

Blogging To Remember

The 2014 Blogathon will kick off on November 22nd, 2014 beginning at 8:00 am EST. I will be blogging around the clock to raise funds for The Compassionate Friends, an organization that provides free bereavement resources to parents suffering the loss of a child at any stage. No matter how long ago, no matter the stage of life of your loss, The Compassionate Friends is there to provide support and ensure that you're not alone. Anyone who has lost a child knows how absolutely isolating such a loss can be. The Compassionate Friends also have over 660 chapters in the United States alone. Each chapter provides a free bereavement support group for parents (or grandparents or siblings) suffering from such a loss.

For every $5 you donate to The Compassionate Friends to sponsor me during the Blogathon, you're eligible to win some pretty awesome prizes that have been generously donated by sponsors. There are more prizes being added weekly and a complete list of them can also be found at Blogging To Remember.

For more information on the Blogathon, on Wylie, on this charity and how to donate, just visit:


Thank you for your support (and patience!) as I throw together this Blogathon in a "last minute" manner.


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  2. This is awesome and dang! That's commitment, 24 hours of blogging sounds super intense


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