mom, baby & beyond present the ultimate mom's night out 2014

Last night was the first ever Ultimate Mom's Night Out by Mom, Baby and Beyond! It was held at the beautiful Marriott here in Coral Springs, Florida. I was lucky enough to be able attend the event with some of my friends and we had a great time browsing all of the vendor tables and learning more about new products on the market. My favorite part about this event is that all of the raffle ticket proceeds and a portion of the ticket proceeds went to help our friend Jenna's family because you can never have enough Turtle Power For James! This event was a fun one because there was lots to do (and learn!) for the expectant mom as well as the new mom and there was also a lot of great stuff for more veteran moms, too. The Trendy Truck -- a boutique on wheels -- was outside for moms to do some shopping for themselves and the inside of the expo was also filled with booths to also do some shopping for your little ones.

The first vendor table we came to was the Ruby Rocket's table.

We got to sample a Galaxy Green popsicle which is pureed spinach, kiwi, avocado, green apple and bananas. It was actually delicious and I'm pretty picky about anything that contains vegetables in it (I'm pretty much the stereotypical child, and my child is the adult). All of Ruby Rocket's popsicles are non-GMO, all natural, contain healthy probiotics and the only sugar added is naturally derived from fruits and vegetables. Since they're all just fruits and vegetables, they're also vegan and gluten free, too.

From there we found the Lil Marc table and it was probably the cutest thing I've ever seen. The Lil Marc potty training urinal -- yes, a potty training urinal -- is a new way to make potty training more fun for little boys. As the mom to a three year old boy who has no desire to sit on the potty, I couldn't help but be totally intrigued by this super cute urinal! To empty it, you just turn it over and the pee comes out the top like you're pouring out a water bottle. Totally cute, right?

We also quickly fell in love with the Dreamcatcher Consultations & Wraps table. How gorgeous are these wraps?! I love wearing Ethan in our baby carrier but I've never really worn him with a wrap. We didn't have much luck when he was an infant and I had assumed that he was now too big or too old. Speaking with the Dreamcatcher Wraps table, I learned I was wrong and that these wraps are strong enough to not only carry the likes of Ethan, but pull cars! There are plenty of ways to still carry a bigger child -- even one older than Ethan -- with these gorgeous and sturdy wraps. I also love how they offer consultations and classes to teach moms the proper way to use their wraps -- something that comes in handy so you don't get totally discouraged during those early days (like I did).

We also visited some great tables from Poofy Organics and Lori Dickinson's Young Living Oils. I've become just a little (*ahem*) into essential oils these days and am still trying to learn which brand is the best -- something everyone has a pretty intense opinion about. I was pretty excited to see that Young Living has some amazing products on the market all with great, natural ingredients. I especially loved their Thieves floor cleaner which helps keeps germs at bay -- a must for any home housing a toddler.

It was also impossible to not fall in love with this breathtakingly beautiful display by Jolie Bloom. Not only were all of her products gorgeous to look at, but they were made with love, care and only the most natural, sustainable ingredients. I have this rule in my house when it comes to products for Ethan: I have to recognize (and approve of) every last ingredient. I'm honestly not the best at doing the same for myself. Jolie Bloom makes this easy. As I studied the ingredient labels, I recognized and approved of every last ingredient in her products. From the bath teas to the candles to the shower bars and beyond, every last ingredient was of the highest, most natural quality. Amazing!

So many of the vendor tables included their own games and raffles in addition to the fabulous raffles that the event was hosting (BOB strollers, anyone?!) which was also a lot of fun. Budsies was one of those companies that had a fun prize wheel to spin to win some discounts on their products. Speaking of Budsies, I sort of fell in love with their products, too. What they do is turn your child's drawing into a stuffed toy for them to keep forever. The details were impeccable and it was so cool to see the artwork that came to "life" in the form of a lovey! I also won a gift card for my prize wheel spin, so that was super exciting -- especially as the mom to a three year old who loves to draw more than anything else in this world!

I know a lot of the moms were super stoked about the wine sampling going on, but as a non-drinker and coffee fiend I'll publicly admit to hitting up the Keurig table more than I should have. I mean, it was an open coffee bar -- how awesome, right?

As I mentioned earlier, the proceeds from the raffle tickets went to support a very special little boy, James Edwards, who is the son of a friend of ours involved in a near-drowning in May. James is one awesome little boy with one amazing family and we are all about the Turtle Power over here. It was great to see so many great raffle prizes and so many people buying tickets to help support a family and little boy who we love very much.

When I posted a photo on Instagram from the event, my friend Madison commented that I had to try Nommerz so I was excited to stumble upon their table!

Nommerz is a gluten free "treats without cheats" company that makes everything from healthy protein bars to delicious chocolate coconut cookies and everything in between. As the wife to someone with Celiac, it's always nice to find companies that are gluten free without sacrificing the general appeal of the food (bread that feels like a brick and tastes like chlorine? No, thanks!) so Nommerz was a breath of fresh air. We sampled some delicious brownies and I also took home a pumpkin protein bar for my husband. Who, you know, inhaled it in like two bites so I'm guessing it was pretty delicious. Nommerz has a kitchen in Boca and also delivers around the South Florida area, so definitely check them out if you're looking for some gluten free goodies without having to compromise taste!

There were lots of small businesses at The Ultimate Mom's Night Out which is always great to see. I loved the beautiful wet bags by Mrs. Sew It All, like the beautiful Dr. Seuss themed mega-wet bag seen above! A wet bag that big is my dream, especially for pool and beach trips where I leave with soggy towels that wind up sitting in my trunk for weeks. Jessica, owner of Mrs. Sew It All, doesn't just stop at wet bags, though. She has everything you can think of, including these adorable collegiate layette sets for baby. I had to snap a photo of a UCF themed set for my friends who are expecting their first baby (and die-hard UCF fans, to put it mildly!).

LL Scene was the PR company behind this event and, talk about small world, one half of LLScene, Lily, is the sister of one of my longtime friends. The other half, Lindsay, is also from Belly Love Spa and Ultrasound Center in Margate, Florida.

We also got to mingle with some super talented photographers, like Jennifer Reina Photography.

And my friend Karen, above, who is not only a fantastic blogger but super talented photographer, too!

Another company that I fell in love with was LucAndLou.

LucAndLou are an amazing company that make onesies featuring footprints from NICU babies. For every onesie sold, another is then donated to a baby in need. Luc&Lou was created by NICU nurses who are everyday heroes, as far as I'm concerned, and I love what they do both at their day job and also with this company. Their mission is to make love contagious and that's something I think we can all get behind. They also have a special design for James, our favorite little ninja, and that sealed the deal that Luc&Lou had a special place in my heart! Even if you're not local to South Florida, you can do some shopping here on their website and pick up some one of a kind onesies featuring the footprints of some special babies.

All in all, it was a wonderful event and we left with a "swag bag" filled with all sorts of goodies -- including items from BioKleen, Dr. Smith's, Keurig, Pediped and so many more. This was the first Ultimate Mom's Night Out and already I can't wait until next year! Stay connected with Mom, Baby and Beyond through their website or Facebook page!

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